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  1. Didn't Alto use them while in Fighter mode to shoot backwards or am I remembering wrong here? Still not a huge fan of the YF-29 design because it's too busy visually (then again I didn't like the Tornado packs for the same reason). I'm probably letting my favor towards the YF-19 design cloud my eyes though (I also didn't like the space variants of the VF-19). The Battroid mode is boss though.
  2. I liked Galaxy a lot. It has good music, nice animation and good scenes. I honestly didn't mind Pedro at all but I saw this a long time ago before I even saw Macross 7 TV (I was really confused by the sound energy bits but thought it was awesome anyway). The whole guitar duel between Basara and Emilia was great and Emilia really did get along with Basara in just one episode far better than Mylene ever did.
  3. I like both so it's hard to say. In the end I guess the 0 edges out the 1 because of the longer sexy legs.
  4. Elaborating on this, both the YF-22 and the YF-23 matched and exceeded the requirements for the ATF competition. However, the design of the YF-23 was more "experimental" and the manufacturer wasn't able to prove that it could be mass produced by the deadline. For example, the neat ceramic tile design needed to keep the YF-23 engines from melting wasn't demonstrably mass produceable in time. For a front-line fighter, the YF-19 was certainly less complex to manufacture since it didn't rely on bleeding edge technologies like the deformable wing, detachable limbs, QQR Inertial Vector system and the Brain-Direct systems. Furthermore, all that advanced technology only produced a plane that's at best marginally better than what the YF-19 offered. Even if the YF-21 had won, it would have had to undergo a redesign in order to remove the BDS and deformable wings, increasing time to delivery and cost.
  5. I feel that part of the problem is how difficult it was to handle the 19 and the 21/22. Performance enhancements aside, the EX-Gear along with the Inertial Store were extremely important breakthroughs for the 25, reducing the physical load on the pilots and making it less punishingly difficult to fly.
  6. They never used their gunpods in that scene. Maybe they swapped both out for reaction missiles.
  7. Here's something even more weird. Max used those beams just minutes before while in fighter mode to shoot the automated laser drones. They even draw the emitters on his arms when he runs out of ammo. With that said, there was precisely 5 seconds between running out of ammo and Basara arriving. When I think about it, Max still could have switched to them after his "last words".
  8. Each to their own I guess. Both the TV series and movie left lots of scenes with impact on me. For example, three particular points really stood out for me in the movie. One was where Sheryl starts singing a capella and Alto wakes up. The second was the stillness as Alto and the Vajra Queen connected followed by Alto ending the triangle. Finally, Hoshikira and d Shudisuta b =)
  9. The Sheryl and Ranka concert at the end (with Sheryl talking about the wait and miracle) seems to indicate she's fine. And surely she can't be that happy if Alto didn't come back from his adventures with the Vajra Queen =)
  10. Well, Basara's VF-19 has it for sure. If you watch The Galaxy is Calling Me, you can see the lower screens with the kid sitting on them.
  11. If you're referring to the head mounted lasers, then they're just "anti-aircraft lasers" used to shoot at your six in fighter mode and to shoot all around (usually missiles) in battroid mode.
  12. In Plus you see both the YF-21 and the YF-19 use their lasers at least =) BTW, in the Plus Movie, after Guld ditches the legs and arms of his YF-21 he proceeds to shoot at the X-9 in a dogfight until he rammed it. Weren't these lasers in the arms? What exactly is he shooting then? His head laser? Does anyone know if there's an explanation for this other than "they screwed up"?
  13. Is that YF-21 the Yamato 1/60 (are there other ones for that matter?). If I cover shipping to Canada would that be alright?
  14. "Particularly prevalent" doesn't mean "all". If I didn't phrase it so that you understood that I meant that this is especially common here then I apologize and will make clear that it's what I meant. That is, the argument seems thrown around often as if "no character development" == "boring character".
  15. Eh, I was more referring to a common trend of labeling characters uninteresting because they don't undergo development. I was also snidely being snarky about those who try to be "refined" by using such arguments since clearly even characters that aren't developed can be interesting (which was the entire point so thanks for more examples). As for Basara, he might not be interesting to everyone, but clearly he's interesting to many if even the non-jp poll here is split down the middle.
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