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  1. Spartas is projected for 2023. I'm loathe to initiate more than one SC project per year, just because the market is so small and easy to overtax. If I can get the necessary minimum orders, I'll make it.
  2. Hi Anthony. You may want to look into some thinner gauge of lexan for the canopies, as what you're using right now seems a bit too thick. The texture you see in the clear parts could have a few causes, but off the top of my head: -make sure your buck is not shiny and smooth: contrary to popular opinion, a lightly sanded surface is better when thermoforming. -ensure that both the plastic sheet and the buck are clean and free of any contaminants -avoid overheating the lexan sheet; that will cause microbubbles to form and ruin the clarity of the part -store the plastic sheet in a warm, dry place until it's ready to use. Moisture on the plastic from a humid environment (garage, etc.) can also lead to that lightly gritty look in vac-formed parts.
  3. Miriya was only for the original pre-order in 2019, and will never be re-issued. In the same way, the travel pod will only be available with this issue.
  4. I actually think a lot of the Southern Cross mecha designs are nice. Most of them are an engineering nightmare, mostly due to the under-developed line-art, but still aesthetically pleasing. Except for the Logan, which I have unceremoniously dubbed the chode fighter. For obvious reasons.
  5. If and when I can confidently secure the ten required orders. I'll leave the opportunity window open until the 25th.
  6. Hey guys! Was looking to gauge interest for a potential re-issue of the 1/72 Quincy Rowe kit. This time around I'd include the Miclone capsule that the three stooges were brought aboard the Macross in by Milia. Looking at @ $500 Canadian + shipping. I'd need at least 10 orders to make this happen. Who's in?
  7. Which is ironic, because they "borrowed" a lot of design elements from my kits, and yet managed to do... That.
  8. I'm hopeful for an all-opaque version of this. I like the buster, but not the translucent amber plastic.
  9. Captain's Build Update: production is nearing its close, just a few more kits to cast. Even BUG FACE is impressed! Those of you who opted for the hover-sled option will notice a few improvements to the masters in the form of more faithful detailing. Just little things, but those little things make a difference. Instructions will be ready early next week. Stay tuned!
  10. Bam! Finished, suckahs! I'll have some Bug Face pics next week, once I get over this casting hump
  11. For what it's worth, I started scratchbuilding precisely because I got tired of having to "fix things" on those same plastic kits. It might seem like a daunting task to build something from scratch if you've never done it, but consider this: if you can scratchbuild one or two small parts for your plastic model, a full scratchbuild is just an extension of that process, and it's done one part at a time. Doing it manually is also theraputic for me, but I certainly don't discount the value of virtual modeling for some more geomertically complex parts.
  12. Captain's log: Friday, March 4th 2022. The molds are done, and the castings are looking excellent! It was quite an ordeal getting everything finished, but it was 20+ lbs of silicone put to good use, and the process went much more smoothly than I was expecting. The robot itself is a whopping 117 parts, and add another 21 parts for the sled. I will begin production in earnest on Monday, so shipping is maybe 3-4 weeks out. I'll have pics of the completed mecha this coming week, so be sure to stay tuned!
  13. Me too! I just finished the molds today, what a grueling task it is. All. That. Silicone! I actually have most of the parts for 1 kit cast already, so full mock-up pics are coming next wee. Hopefully tomorrow I can show you all the molds and an exploded view if the kit parts.
  14. Captain's log: Thursday, February 24th, 2022. Molds are underway! The process is a tedious one, for several parts need to be duplicated (left and right), then others need to be molded for one configuration, then that same part cast and modified to suit the other configuration... And then those parts need to be duplicated, too! Pic 53 shows some of those mold boxes ready to receive the silicone matrix, which when hardened, will become molds and the masters extracted. Some of the very best mold boxes in my arsenal are made from recycled food containers beause they're tough, moderately flexible, and resist resin exceedingly well. Pic 54 shows those same molds with the pink silicone goop having been freshly poured. Pics 55 and 56 are the resin fruits of those molds, looking excellent! There are still several molds to pour, but I'm very much past the mid-way. Stay tuned!
  15. Just be sure to get your orders in by Friday, guys. After that, the pre-order window will be closed.
  16. Captain's addendum: Monday, February 15th. I went back and did some corrections to the heads, as well as finish-up the cockpit area. In pics 46-47B, you can now see that the head tapers toward the front, and then narrows down more at the chin. The latter has also been flattened and made taller vertically. The tabs on either side of the medallion were also tapered at the outer edges to allow the hoses to sit more snugly to the chest. In pics 48-50, you have the details of the open cockpit. This was a significant challenge as well, because the artist is/was a perspective retard, but I think I was pretty successful at getting all the basic details. The one downside to this is that the chest plate innards will have to be Dremeled/shaved-down in order to close the cockpit. Please forgive the fact that the head sits so high and the incorrect tilt angle: the parts are very fragile and I don’t want to break the masters before they get molded. Pics 51 & 52 show the revised BUG FACE head which harmonizes not only the line-art, but also the L&S prototype images. In pic 52 particularly, you see how with very even lighting, the otherwise curvy surfaces look flat and better mimmic the 3/4 line-art view. Now that I’ve made all these changes, I need to go wet-sand all the imperfections out before I go to mold-prep.
  17. Constructive criticism is helpful on wonky projects like these. The drawback to not having an art director on some projects is that you stare at your own work for so long that you lose perspective, so it's nice to have an extra set of eyeballs. Other times, the source material just doesn't make sense and I have to take a decision to make it work in physical form.
  18. I already made some of the suggested changes to the Hemorroid head. I tapered it toward the front, narrowed the chin and flattened the end. I also relaxed the curve on the frontal lens, and it does look better--thank you for that suggestion. Hoses: they won't protrude nearly that much when bent properly and everything is glued. If you want a tip for making flexible hoses bend and hold a position, try this: put some grease on a sewing needle and carefully poke it through the length of the hose, then insert a straightened paper clip and adjust as needed. Bug Face head: better still than the animation, look at the L&S prototype in 1/48. They doubtless had the missing view at their disposal (and likely a few more) needed to render that abomination in three dimensions. If you look at the head, it actually does have that distinct, three-mound shape when viewed from the front, which I was able to achieve with a little strategic sanding. I'll show you the results of my alterations next week.
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