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  1. OK numbers for momento pictures from Mecha Studios Australia will be tallied tomorrow so if your undesided to if your comming do it by tomorrow or miss out. Also another reminder to contact Matt to get the payment details or to confirm your attendence. Thanks
  2. OK it's time to pay for your tickets, all details have been arranged and we'd like payments to be made by the end of the week to early next week at he latest. Payments will be made direct to Regent Theatrette, Matt has the details so email him on vf1custom@live.com.au and he can send you the details.
  3. Awesome news Scream Man great you are comming, keep us posted as to what you intend to bring if you are going to display some stuff.
  4. iphone nice..... That's awesome news Scream Man keep us posted as we need to get seats filled ASAP. I'll begin the countdown from tomorrow.....lol.
  5. Ok, the payment arangements will be organised this week so as soon as we hear from Ben I will post up the details. Prizes keep on arriving from our sponsors which will make for a great day, I took delivery from HLJ this morning with thier prizes, so thank you very much Hobby Link Japan for your contribution to or convention. Now it's all up to you the fans to make the con the best it can be. We have done as much as we can but we need your help to fill the final seats. At this point the Movie Marrathon will be a one off as future cons will most likly be held at a convention room like more traditional conventions. So Now it's up to you the fans to finish the job by attending. We have spent countless hours and a large amount of our own money to make this event happen, there is no profit for us and with out your attendence we could be hit with further costs. Which would be a shame due to the effort put in, the free give aways we have secured and the prizes that have been supplied. So come on Austalian Macross fans this is a chance for you to enjoy something truely amazing, meet new people that share your same interest and just have an all round great time. So please show your support, contact Matt on his email ( Listed in the above post) and book your seats.
  6. “e-mail ruskii, he’ll will update you with everything unless you want to read through the 13 pages since you been away. I’ve told him to e-mail you but he’s away on work for now. Cool that your back Neo we were wondering where you got to! Lots of stuff has been updated and all our sponsors have sent us these con exclusive goodies!”
  7. That's a big shame Bluemaxx, you will be missed. I hope all goes well for you I know how car repairs suck you dry, I also hope your dog is OK. All the best to ya!! We'll make sure there is plenty of pics of everything and I hope you can make next years con.
  8. Thank you very much for the above post and clearing everything up, yes I may have taken the statement out of contexted but it is my job to make sure our sponsors are protected from negative statements. So I would like to say sorry to you Hikuro as I had no intention on bagging you, but just felt that the statement was not the best for this thread. No harm done and please don't feel that you can't post in the thread as we love to see the interest an support of fellow members. So IMO no harm done and please feel free to continue posting all I ask is just think about weather your post could be taken in bad context by our sponsors as we have worked very hard to get such sponsorship and hope that they will continue to sponsor us in the future.
  9. Payment arrangements are being made now, so we will be taling payments I would say next week. I beleave payments will be made direct to the Regent so we'll keep everybody posted.
  10. WTF.....what the hell is this Sh#t, yeah hahaha, the first part may be a little funny but not much!.........But what the hell does "BUT PRETTY TINY SADLY" have to do with anything? This is an item supplied by a sponsor to the attendees for FREE and what does your opinion have to do with anything and is it even relevant? I'm sure there is a thread here about Revoltechs so go tell some there who cares that you think they're small. To Kirin Hobby we thank you very much for the Revoltechs you have so graciously provided for us, we are sorry that someone couldn't refrain from posting a stupid opinion which is not relevant to any part of our convention and who is not even an attendee. So to anybody, sure post what you think as long as it's to help the con, if you have an opinion like the above stupid statement then please we ask keep it to yourself as it doesn't help anyone or further our cause.
  11. Like to shout out a "VERY BIG THANK YOU!" to Kirin Hobby, a Revoltech for each ticket holder. What a bonus for all Saturday attendees!! This is only the beginning of the awesomeness that is Mac Aus Con 09. Mecha Studios Australia will also be supplying a memento for each Saturday ticket holder so you'll be taking home a Revoltech and the M.S.A memento just for starters. Also, a sponsor ( which will be revealed on the day) will be supplying some free grog for the Saturday. So get your tickets now as there are only a few seats left and you won't want to miss out!!!
  12. Here’s what’s in store! Thanks so much Kirin Hobby!!!! YF-21 Guld VF-1S Roy VF-1J Hikaru VF-1A Hikaru YF-19 Isamu
  13. Happy Easter to everyone. Great news...we have Sonic comming to the con, so that's another seat gone. Looks like it will be a full house so if your not sure if your comming you better work it out as you will likely miss a seat. Everything is set for a great Con. Can't wait!!!!!!!!
  14. More Hotel info below :- Q Resorts Abbey Apartments clicky..clicky http://book.cheaperthanhotels.com.au/Direc...ckout=2009-5-18
  15. Some Hotel info below :- Location to the Mall :- Due to the football home game ( Bronco's vs Titans), please make sure to book fast as these rooms will be snapped up as thier price is quite low compared to other locations close to the CBD. Thanks
  16. Mods are allowed for sure, full customs allowed ( can be just paint scheme or full mod to the model) and out of the box with just minor mods. All models will be able to be entered as long as they are your own work and not commisions.
  17. I'll be in for a yellow patch for sure! I missed out on ordering one from HLJ so this is a wecome suprise to have on the day.
  18. MAC AUS CON 09’ >> M A C R O S S – A C E - F R O N T I E R – T O U R N E Y Calling all pilots who are con-attendees’ on the Saturday 16th of MAY Prizes will be awarded for the winnah and runner up! Grande Finale will be winner takes all, Grand Prize will be revealed upon event. PM / E-mail ruskiiVFaussie for your MAF tournament intentions!
  19. And with us the dvds are supplied by fans who have the best interest in spreading Macross fandom, and it is specifically a non-profit convention. No one is making any money on this and we are only covering costs to get it up on the big screen, the true way to watch any legend anime, MACROSS!
  20. Also BIG thanks to PeterB for suppying his Logo so quick to make the poster print date......Thanks PeterB and also for your support with the con.
  21. This is great news, I can't wait for this it's going to be an awesome movie marathon. Sorry for missing the meeting fellow board members on Friday, just couldn't get away. Looking forward to the reports of how it all went.
  22. All main competitions will be held on the Saturday, in between viewings, EXCLUSIVE TO MAC AUS CON MEMBERS, who have reserved their seats. There will still be macross ace frontier psp battles (about 3 or 5) depending on how many pilots we will have, But there will be a finale of soughts on the Sunday.
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