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  1. I've got a transformable fork with my meal last time I traveled by plane. It transforms from Storage-Mode into Fork-Mode! ^_^

    I had one of these transformable pencil case in elementary school and it was awesome!! :D


  2. I think Lady M is actually Dr. Chiba. After his song energy theory was proven and he contributed to saving the universe, his perhaps-excessive fandom fell over the edge into obsessive madness. He now dresses in classic idol costumes and demands everyone call him Minmay. Lady M is a name people use for him in public to avoid any embarrassing explanations, and let Dr. Chiba's legacy live on unstained.

    I might be wrong, though.

    If Lady M is truly Dr. Chiba than maybe he has gone too far and the idols have their powers because he infused them with Protodeviln DNA as unborne babies. What a grim and gritty story twist!

    You bastards are awesome!!! :D :D :D

  3. So I'm waiting for my OS but my 0A and 0D are still in the box.

    Can we list all the observed problems on Arcadia's VF-0 line?

    I start with:

    1) 0A's heat shield's pin damaging cockpit area in battroid mode.

    Any more to add?

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