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  1. Interesting, so as standard the Sv-262's Ghosts are armed with a single dorsal cannon and 4 x micro-missile launchers.

    But in episode 4, the dorsal cannon has obviously been replaced by the multi-drone jamming system.

    I've watched the episode again; only 2 Sv-262s have jammer drones (4 drones total) (Twin brothers' Sv-262s)

    You can check their atmospheric entry scene.

    Others have standart drones.

  2. These sea cats are so evil(mischievous). I wonder what Chuck and co were going to do with the beige sea cat after they catch it. I mean after they have stolen food, are they just going to strangle or torture it as punishment?

    Tickle him to death! :D

  3. Wohoo guessed right with the head transformation!!

    Also.. Time stamp 20:55

    Wings at hips? Not quite.... more like T-shaped bar holding shoulders and wings hanging from the back.


  4. IIRC, Robotech Tactics is 1/270?

    if the Regults are undersized, i wonder if they'll do for 1/350? hmmmm...

    nah. i'll just wait for MechTech's awesome Regults. would be nice if they were also accompanied by N-Gers and QRs ;)

    anyway, i came across these diorama accessories series called Tiny City by an HK company called Tiny. They're 1/64 but probably can be fudged for 1/72


    It will work great as a Bandai DX diorama with VF-25F in gerwalk mode!

  5. At the first presentation of the Macross Frontier mecha last year they had a sign in front of the SV-262 with the transformation triangle on it (the one on the back of the packaging for the Renewal Valkyries). Fighter-Mode showed the one we know and Battroid- and Gerwalk-Mode had a big question mark on it so I think it is fairly certain that the SV-262 will have all the standard Valkyrie features.


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