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  1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2015/12/10/shoji-kawamori-the-creator-hollywood-copies-but-never-credits/

    At the time of the show, there is something known as Var Syndrome which makes people very aggressive and is spreading across the galaxy like a kind of epidemic. In among this are the tactic musical unit Walkure, a group of girls who can sing. The effect of their singing is used to calm the effects of the syndrome.

    The girls from this tactical musical unit are also be supported by Delta platoon, which are transformable combat troops deployed in these operations. Then there are the Aerial Knights, which are separate and somewhat of a mystery group. So all these elements interact and the story will progress from that.

    In Frontier, the story was based around a colony fleet visiting various planets but this is more about specific planets and the different people who live on them.

    In terms of Aerial Knights, their insignia indicates a degree of nobility and while they have elements similar to the Anti-United Nations in Macross Zero they are not directly connected, but do have a similar standpoint.

    That was one of the best interviews ever!

  2. killing? slaughtering seems more like it!

    REGULT missile carriers! breetai! destroids! macross 2 with SAP(still no pics tho)!!!

    MAC II SAP from Bandai?? Can someone please confirm??

  3. Yeah but I'm also not interested. The 1/60ish Valkyries are the perfect size imho. I might be interested if it has a anime accurate leg delivery mechanism and integrated filler bits for the chest (in addition to a mechanism to shorten the cockpit to have accurate dimensions and a sunken head.

    I guess it's a commemorative item like 1/35 RX-78-2 Gundam


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