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  1. go into debt cos of toys?! no way in hell man! then again, where i come from, it is impossible for one to be debt free. anyone who wishes to know why can pm me. peace, over and out.
  2. OMG! these prices are really freaking affordable compared to the prices here in spore. gotta do some serious shopping when i pop by next month. btw, anyone has any idea if the force fx lightsabers are cheaper too? sorry for being out of track in the last liner.
  3. hardened my resolve and finally bought the super stealth despite over blowing over SGD1,100 on 5 fx lightsabers a fortnight ago. i must say that this is an awesome piece. but the box is a little too big for comfort. had a hard time explaining to my wife on my latest acquisition. fortunately she said it looked quite nice...phew!
  4. honestly, i think it's pretty cool or maybe it's cos i was from the army and have a tendency to like camo designs? either way, i am just gald it's coming out soon.
  5. dun resist, my twoducks...resistance is futile!
  6. same here. i thot i had saved a good amount this month...it's gonna be gone real soon once this baby gets released.
  7. my protoplast, i hate just about everything that you have written in your last post but unfortunately, i cannot help but agree with you in totality that in the sh*t world that we live in, it's the TRUTH and whether we like it or not, this fact will be here to stay. i still cannot understand why there's no new macross animation or movie to boost the popularity.
  8. using thinner on plastic is like washing your hands in sulphuric acid...simply suicidal. dun do it unless totally necessary.
  9. where i come from, housing and private transport is a killer. a 4-room flat (not renovated) with a surface area of about 100sq foot will average about S$250,000 which comes to about USD153,355.46 when converted using xe.com. A car obviously is not compulsory since singapore is only a single dot on the atlas and the routes are pretty well-linked. the price for renovation may ultimately come up to about 30 to 40 thousand depending on the theme of designs. I am mentioning this cos I am about to get my keys to my new flat and after renovation and wedding banquet(which unfortunately is compulsory for some asian families)after this barrage of events, I am as good as a pauper living on the government's payroll. soonafter a baby will follow n when this happens, the opportunity cost of a 1/48 valk will be a month's supply of disposable diapers. but there are some collectors (local & abroad) with very very deep pockets who will not bat an eyelid to splurge on amounts of epic proportion on macross stuff The purpose of this thread is, hopefully for us, to learn as well as appreciate more about the cultures of mac collectors across the world. Everyone is unique and have our individual priorities in life. Presently, collecting 1/48 valks is one of my priority albeit not amongst the top cos I collect selective zoids as well. Guess i have to really control my urges and resist temptation or alternatively leave on a staple of plain rice & water on a regular basis to finance my expenditure on mac stuff.
  10. my friend, the number 94 is going to be a magical one but I am it will not be long before the magical number goes up again.
  11. I have a issue which I am sure all members would be able to enlighten me with. Over the past few years, yamato has been manufacturing and reissuing valks, fastpacks and gbp armour as if there's no tomorrow. How do you good chaps handle this floodgate of valks that keep rushing out yamato factories? 1) Are most of the macross members married and if so, how do you find the extra cash to finance this very very expensive hobby? 2) How many members here are hardcore completist? C'mon, just own up! I know of an Australian here in MW orld who owns over 70 valks! My gosh...over 70, RESPECT! 3) At the rate yamato is going, are you able to sustain this buying spree. There's always this mentality (but I do not speak for all) that if I am to wait, adam smith's invisible hand would somewhat force the price of that particular to banana prices. we need not look beyond the low-viz valk for a perfect example. anyway, i have to admit, it's getting kinda tight for me esp when 0 is coming out very soon.
  12. really regret that i didn't get more than 1 when i had this chance...shucks! this gbp is really really nice!
  13. i dun understand, just a simple blue box n viola, it's a giftset?
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