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  1. @Thom That paint is very clean. And, Is that a Yamato in the back of the last picture? I know next to nothing on the SBY series. But i feel like the design is too iconic to miss @pengbuzz Styrene joints sound like a complete nightmare. Especially for a transforming kit. Also, the attention to detail on that carrier is crazy
  2. @ChasThanks heaps for the link, i guess i could of done a little more digging to find the actual evergreen site, but I'm happy anyways. And it's at a good price @Big s and @MechTech Im attempting my first kitbashing/scratchbuilding project, but I would like to keep it a surprise, unless I make a mess of the kit. I'm just trying to fill in some spaces on custom parts, which at the moment, are 100%, slightly maluable bandai plastic. I realize i ask more questions than i do actually posting progress, but thanks for always helping out
  3. Hey, do you guys know any places where I can get really thin styrene sheets? Very specifically under 0.5cm in thickness. Also, I've never used styrene before. can I get away with using tamiya ET to bond the styrene to plastic, or should I get a CA glue?
  4. The intakes and tail kind of look like it too
  5. @electric indigo It's basically a flying convertable, with some malicious intent. I'm excited to see how it progresses. Personally I'm looking forward to see it after weathering. Please keep us updated. Also, can you take some upclose pictures of the cockpit details?
  6. @wm cheng If you will let me feed your ego, I believe this is the Mona Lisa of BSG builds that i have seen. It is aesthetically beautifull. The dimness of the lights are very pleasing and reflect nicely off of the metal paint. And the variation of textures between the different sections of the ship flow together perfectly. The aged and grungy metal, and the heroic sillhouete of the ship, gives it a underdog appearance and makes it feel like a last hope. Overall, I love this build. pls do more kits like this!
  7. @electric indigo I don't know that much about the properties of resin but those parts look really good for mid 90's
  8. I just had a look. I'm not sure if I looked at the exact same kit, but the design is amazing and box art is too, unless the kit hes building is solely resin, then its probably a different one. There is a mountain of parts and especially decals in the kit I looked at
  9. @electric indigo Model building is kinda hard when the planet is melting.
  10. @electric indigo Does your J10 have any hopes of coming out of stencil hell?
  11. For future reference, Is there anyway to buy through Japanese websites with USD? The re-release kits from koto are actually cool but I'm really interested in the C05 Selena and there seems to be better deals for it on yahoo.jp rather than ebay
  12. I've heard about the AC kits having horrifyingly flimsy parts and articulation. Hopefully Kotobukiya or another company will make better kits for AC6. And when you say the kit was cheap, how cheap, in SK wons? I remember about a decade and a half ago seeing alot of AC kits on hobby store shelves, and I assume they were better priced with their high quantity Do you have any pictures of the mirage built?
  13. @Chas What Armored core kit did you pull scratch parts from? They are REALLY expensive
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