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  1. Hi Capt, We are sure going to miss all your great kits for now. Hope all goes well in your new projects and thank you again for providing these great kits. Also thank you for giving me the Go on the option parts and parts that will make the Beast transform without unscrewing the kit. Will keep you posted on these things and more but for now keep safe and keep visiting us here in MW. SD
  2. Hi everyone, Well here is something i been working on and got Capt's blessing. So hope you guys like SD
  3. i would definitely be interested, in four set just let us know when ready SD
  4. Ya bro thank you for the mod's. i'm working on another SDF-1 to make it the same hehehe. I will keep posting more when i'm almost done. SD
  5. Great job bro can't wait to see the rest of it when it's all done. Here is my custom TV version as well hope you like it still needs work but almost going to finish this then weather it after all is done. Still need to finish the shoulder cannons,main cannon plus the details and the brigde also the arms enjoy it. SD
  6. I love the three sdf-1 bro i will be finish with mine soon and post it up with your hehehe
  7. Great news can't wait for kit SD
  8. Hi, Put me down for one of these puppys. I'm a big mospeada lover and would mind getting this baby. The payment plan is cool gives me time to save. SD
  9. Since I been recovering I had some time to do some custom 1s head with detail lens and removable visor. Also adjustable arms and new hands maybe for production soon still cleaning up some rough edges but here it goes. Sorry pics taken from my phone enjoy. SD
  10. I'm planning on making this kit with everything you see but still making change to it We will see When I get well from surgery I'll plan on it. Glad you thought it was a great armor it's thunder hammer chest pieces but add neck piece and some other 2 pieces but the chest piece will be changing So we will see. SD
  11. Here a little something I'm working on while I'm recovering from surgery on my broken leg Enjoy nightmare said you guys may like this. SD
  12. If you like 1/48 parts just hit me up and i will reply ASAP

  13. Ya, front chest,shoulders and new Tv head.
  14. Here are some more pics of the Betafighter with a 1/35 gakken . SD
  15. The valk is a 1/48 scale and the hands sorry i was so happy i forgot to fix them the right way. i will post more pics later tonight. SD
  16. Hi everyone, Well i got home and i found this on my door step. I mean the betafighter not the tv ben hehehehe. The only thing i don't like about this is the legs they are a bit loose but everything else is (Great). This piece is heavy and it's worth the money i spend on it. Just wanted to share this info. SD
  17. I will end up doing my own max soon when i have more time to do any customs. Here is another pose
  18. Just dropped by to put this here for show. Here is my 1/60 2.0 with my first side cover prototype. Hope you enjoy this SD
  19. Yes, like everyone else, please add me to the list SD

    Thunder Hammer

    Your Thunder Hammers and mine kick @$$ in that hanger. hehehehe SD

    Thunder Hammer

    Just got mine and can i say HEll YA Baby

    2 seater 1/48s

    Any new updates on the vt-1 I want to see more
  23. Hi, I'm more then willing to help out to recast these. I don't have a set of MH cyclones yet but hoping soon. Let me know if anyone wants these parts recasted. I will need a original to start from just let me know. SD
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