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  1. 1 hour ago, jvmacross said:

    Yeah....seems as a seller, you can't win regardless anyways...now you can get charged back on a F&F and then PayPal will ban you when it finds out you're accepting F&F for online sales...

    I mean if you're getting or sending $15,000 in F&F payments via CC each year, then maybe yeah you might get flagged, but who does that?  At that point you're basically running a business and shouldn't be doing it anyway.

  2. 1 hour ago, sqidd said:

    I'd confirm that before placing any bets.

    Your credit card MAY back you up on something F&F. But, PayPal may suspend you as a customer. If I was PayPal I would. And PayPal is way more ruthless than I am.

    I've paid people using my CC and F&F quite a bit in the past and have never had any issues.  For what its worth.  Anyone else I know that has done the same have also not had an issue.  But if people don't feel comfortable then they obviously shouldn't do it.

  3. 1 hour ago, jvmacross said:

    I'll have to take your word for it.  I guess there were some folks claiming they got their CC to refund their NY purchases way past the window of payment protection, so it could be possible.  Sadly, the web is also great at spreading misinformation and flat out lies.

    However, if you are saying I am not correct in stating that using a PayPal F&F to complete a commercial transaction is abusing the purpose of that type of payment....then you are only fooling yourself and still taking a chance that your CC will not catch on to the misuse of their card.  PayPal F&F is not meant for purchases.  PayPal G&S is for purchases and will cover you, as a buyer,  in case of loss or fraud.   These are verifiable facts....not stories from anonymous people on the web.

    If yours or anyone else's card is providing this type of coverage, then they are most likely not following their own protocols on acceptable usage of their card.  Probably just got lucky with a rep that didn't care or perhaps was new and didn't know any better.  Everyone has their own limits on risk, but paying a small fee to the seller (to cover PayPal fees, which cover the buyer) to protect my purchases is reasonable to me.

    I think I was pretty clear with what I stated.  You can read into more than that if you wish.  You're also obviously free to do your transactions as you wish.  


    27 minutes ago, dafob said:

    One thing to also keep in mind is that there may be fees for paying F&F with a credit card.  This wasn't always the case, but it's something PP implemented about a year ago.

    For example, when I last paid as F&F with my credit card, PP immediately warns you that there's a fee.  That wasn't all that much.  But then my credit card penalized me an additional $10 because they saw the transaction as a "cash advance".  YMMV depending on your credit card, but that's what mine did...

    You're correct about that.  They do charge a fee for using your credit card with F&F.  The percentage is 2.9% with the option of passing it on to the recipient if you wish.  

  4. 1 hour ago, Repiv_Onex said:

    Hi lovely people~ I am considering of buying misb YF-29B (the greyish navy blue version).

    Anyone knows how it stands through the 'yellowing' after so many years of release? Also, is the discoloration 'even'? Because they often use different plastic for different parts of the plane and sometimes the different degree of discoloration really bothers me. 😬

    Far as I've read or seen it's only the white parts you'd have to worry about.  Assuming you're not leaving it in direct sunlight all the time.

  5. 15 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

    Just playing devil's advocate here....but you are basically thinking that the CC company will help you out with a phony transaction that was brought on by an incorrect at best, deceitful at worst use of a PayPal F&F for a purchase rather than as a gift of cash to the recipient?

    Right off the bat, if you tell them you were trying to buy something you'd probably get disqualified for any restitution....if you don't, obscure the truth, or anything other than the facts, they will investigate and find out what really happened....they may even go as far as reporting the misuse of the PayPal account to PayPal...

    There is no way around it....use PayPal F&F for purchases and, as a buyer, be ready to accept the consequences if things go wrong




    You're completely incorrect.  I've had this very issue in the past and it worked out just fine.  I've also been in other collector groups and people there had the same situation and were able to get their money back.  The key was using the CC and not your Debit bank card.

  6. Seeing how @vladykins account was used by a scammer selling fake items to unsuspecting buyers on here I was curious what people would think of a few ways to make this harder on scammers in the future.  Maybe posting photos with the current date and user name included in the photos of the items might help.  Of course those pics would have to be updated if the items were still for sale after a few weeks but that shouldn't be too big a deal when it comes to safety for sellers and buyers.  Also I don't see any issue if people want to ask to be paid by friends and family.  You can still use your credit card to pay F&F so if PP doesn't do anything about the phony transaction the credit card company can offer a second layer of defense against the fraudulent transaction.    What are other peoples thoughts? 

    If this isn't appropriate for this section MODS I apologize and understand if it's removed.  

  7. On 3/16/2022 at 9:33 PM, Angesdad said:

    Just finished dressing up Mirage. Getting excited for the new AX release next month.:yahoo:




    Awesome pic and pose.  I need to take my mirage and super set out and play around with it soon.

  8. On 3/21/2022 at 12:23 PM, jenius said:

    Should be fine. I think the 0A had the worst time with the leg and released since then have been better.

    Cool, thanks, maybe I'll get one at some point if I can get it new.

  9. Have a question that has probably already been asked.  Does the VF-0D PF have any issues like the reg. version?  I have a PF VF-0S (which is amazing) and wasn't sure if the quality/durability is the same with the PF VF-0D as it is with my PF VF-0S?  In case I want to get one some day.

  10. 1 hour ago, Lolicon said:

    Much more excited about this (and Arcadia releases in general) than Bandai stuff, like Bogue con fart or whatever his name is. 

    LOL "con fart"

  11. I feel like it's best to wait until they have a final prototype before I come to any assumptions about what I like or don't like about it.  Looks pretty so far to me though and I'm glad they went with a more obscure Valk for a new release.

  12. 19 hours ago, Slave IV said:

    Do you know if they make or plan to make Rey's saber? Can you share the company or where you got it? TIA.

    If you're talking about the double saber that was in the evil Rey scene, a company called EFX is making a prop replica that doesn't have functioning electronics or the blade.  It's just the hilt.  But you can check out places like Korbanth Sabers to see what they have.  There's actually a lot of saber makers out there that offer non licensed products that are of varying degrees of quality.

  13. 16 minutes ago, betocc said:

    Does someone knows if a new batch for the Super Strike Parts Movie Edition was released? Yahoo Auctions Japan is flooded with listings.

    Maybe people who've been hoarding them are finally unloading.  Probably the guys who use Bots to make online purchases.

  14. 2 hours ago, sqidd said:

    He's an engineer. He's a "Someone designed that glass to be twice as big as it needs to be" kind of person.:D

    :lol: I can relate.  I'm a mechanical engineer.  Though honestly prefer civil engineering.  I chose the wrong discipline LOL.

  15. 5 hours ago, VF-Zero said:

    I don't pre order Macross models because the first addition usually have a somekind of problem then they fix the problem on the reissue... I will wait and see the reviews, the word of mouth on the forum, if i'm setisfied with what was said then i will purches The Valkyrie. 

    This is a reissue of the renewal version of the VF-25F.  Which was in its own right an improvement over the original version.  So I think you're probably safe.  If anything, it could be an even better version if they tweaked anything else.

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