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  1. 5 hours ago, Eslim109 said:

    How does anime export work again? I got an email that my order was placed but I can’t see the item in my account or anything. 

    Not sure if this will happen to you but when I tried to pre-order from them I had the item in my cart, completed the checkout process and paid for the item only to have them tell me the next day they couldn't fulfill the purchase.  I had to tell them to refund me which they dragged their feet on.  I won't order from them again because of that.

  2. 21 hours ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    Same here. I’d rather pay an extra $30 and call it a night; or just skip it all together to be honest. Once it becomes stressful I just ask myself why am I doing this lol

    Yup, I gotta work in the morning and I'd rather have a good nights sleep even if I was guaranteed that I would get one if I stayed up.

  3. After the VF-1J armor set pre-order fiasco I'm not bothering with these PO madness nights because I'll just come up empty and get pissed. It's not worth the aggravation.  Especially since I only paid about $30 more than the pre-order price when it got released and I bought it easily, hassle free.  

  4. 9 minutes ago, sqidd said:

    Me too!

    I have one full blown project car left in me. I'm not sure what I want to do. The current choices are:

    -77' Bandit Trans Am restomod with a big inch LS with a blower, 6 speed manual, big brakes, big suspension, etc. All the amenaties, etc. I'd probably use a 77' AT nad a recent Camaro (wrecked) as the donor. 

    -67' Ford F-100 made into an extenda cab on a custom tube chassis sporting a 800rwhp GT500 motor and one of the 10 speed auto's out of the new Mustangs. Again, all the amenities. Something that would be nice to drive cross country.

    -Mad Max Interceptor replica with a 800rwhp GT500 drivetrain in it. And again, all the amenities. 

    If I was smart I'd sell all of the motors, transmissions, blowers, rear ends, etc I have and get a 2020+ GT500 Track Pack and leave it stock. Or a C8 Corvette.....and leave it stock. I'm not smart though.:p

    Those are all awesome options but it would be Smokey and the Bandit for me 😁

  5. 21 minutes ago, technoblue said:

    I'm pretty sure MW members were fitting the super parts from Michael's VF-25G to the YF-25 Prophecy back in the day.

    Ahh, that's what I figured.  It makes sense.  I just didn't know if they had to be modified to do so.

  6. On 10/3/2021 at 4:29 PM, sqidd said:

    Holy craptastic this thing a LOT of figure! Especially for the money!:hail:

    This is how big and nice Metal Builds should be IMO.







    I've never watched any Gundam in my life (I'm assuming that's what this is) but I've always loved the mecha designs.  This one is incredible.  I've seen other metal build kits that also looked badass.  I've been really tempted.

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