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  1. Looking to spend around $300 or hit me with an offer thanks
  2. I didn’t air anything just stated what’s wrong. I asked if you wanted more details to pm me. None of you can read. Shout out to USPS though for the insurance claim going through
  3. I need you to understand what you did was illegal my info was on the internet for a few days. You did a cyber crime and I have to change my number already. Don’t be surprised if I send you a lawsuit for damages to my properties. I have your info I’ll be looking forward to the case.
  4. Just responded to his PayPal claim for money he got his money back. Eli Stratton Putting out my info on a website without my permission is illegal. It’s called doxing, remove or ill post the unboxing video and various messages seeing how difficult of a person you are to deal with. thank you and have a nice day
  5. Refunding him his money. It’s definitely a straight loss on my part though.
  6. I thought the same thing. I’d upload an unboxing video but I’d like to keep our identities private. If you’d like to see the video I’d be glad to send it you with his permission of course. At first his first message to me was where the pilot figure was. I assumed in his excitement he cracked up open the shell and the item flew out. I thought to myself wow this guy is excited but using too much force. Next message was wow you sent the item broken. I though wow he was using too much force again and maybe he broke it because I didn’t send it broken. We had a lot of back and forths on who’s fault it was and ultimately I decided ok it was the shipping it’s pointless I’ll use the insurance, it’s fine. Just send the item back. I got the item back today and the box was opened but not from shipping company but opened to where you could access the items and only tape was holding the box together. Upon further opening of the VF-19k the box was ripped open which I didn’t ship like that and the clam shell was broken open. Shipping can’t just tear open a box. When I mean tear I mean the box looks like it was to be perfectly undone like ready to be folded. The box was undone. Again too much force. The item inside was was mistransformed inbox from the video provided above. If you see the video it looks like he just threw it back in the box. I’ll be glad to pm anyone about more specifics but ultimately the evidence looks like he broke it and tried returning it. I’ll be glad to ship it back but he definitely broke the item and stand firmly on it
  7. Definitely controversial but @eevli bought an item off me claimed it was broken. I didn’t send it broken so I assumed he might have broken it or maybe USPS was at fault. Told him I’d give him a refund after he sent it back with me evaluating the item. The Yamato VF-19 box was broken the clam shell was broken and the item in side the clam shell was broken. Told him I’d either ship it back to him for free but not giving him a refund after this kind of return. I definitely think he broke the item IMG_1133.MOV
  8. Selling of a good combo shipping only to lower 48 states Shiping not included in price Paypal only Gift or add 4% Thanks For Sale Just armor parts left DX VF-31S Armor Parts -$220 only took out of brown shipping box not opened Brand new.
  9. I definitely want to pick one of these up but I’m holding off till they fix the issues. Hopefully Arcadia releases a 1.2 version to fix these issues. While the black looks dope, I still love the Nora colors.
  10. Nice pictures! I didn’t get one but to be fair I didn’t try at all. I went with MP-44 over it and I hope I made the right choice. My metal build Eva 01 is perfect though. I need better space to take photos like you guys
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