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  1. What do you guys think, Official overseas sales announcement? https://www.instagram.com/p/CV4lBftL1N6/
  2. It looks like this was just a toe in the water sort of a thing to see if there is enough overseas interest, The main announcement will probably come through "Macross ha tomaranai" or some official BW channel as they do with most of their announcements.
  3. That explains it, I'll have to rip it later then.
  4. There's this cool VF-1S video up on the Bandai Spirits YouTube Channel, but I tried to share it with my mate and he couldn't see it. Anyone else having that problem??
  5. Except that would mean a massive price hike. At Oshare Macross in Shinjuku they made it sound like Kakizaki would be coming out in the next month, let's hope that hasn't changed.
  6. Yup! that's the same figures they have on display at Oshare Macross, so nothing new other than Movie Kakizaki has been confirmed for web sale. The one benefit being that they won't run out on pre orders.
  7. Yeah it's real Currently on display at Oshare Macross Danshi 2 in Shinjuku, I went and saw it on Sunday. I asked the staff about it but there's no info other than "Information coming soon on tamashii Web" on the display card. The Web Shouten logo there means it'll be a web exclusive though.
  8. A new 14 minute Kawamori video just went up on the Bandai Spirits channel, and it confirms the missile set will ship June 2020. Also it's a really interesting video with the background choices for the designs for the strike pack.
  9. Sure it'll happen is they pop up in the new movie. Although probably no Armored Parts for Messer
  10. Got a chance to check it out at the Tamashii nations store in Akihabara, the attachments are exactly the same on the VF-1S and the VF-1J.
  11. That one dude

    Hi-Metal R

    This, September at the earliest but they'll definitely sneak one more in before the end of the year. Alas you can tell that there's waaaay more love for the DX line than HMR
  12. I dunno if anyone noticed but they recently changed all their copyrights from the Japanese ⓒビックウエスト to the English ⓒBIGWEST which makes me think they were getting ready to move worldwide... well at least until this Sh## hit the fan
  13. It just had one of those standard "Under consideration" tags on it same as the Armored VF-31J which means it probably won't hit shelves for another year or two.
  14. Sorry YF-29 But yeah they pretty much never re-release anything again unless its re-colored or re-packed with something else
  15. Is this different than the existing DX YF-19? As far as I can tell it's just the Standard Durandal with the extra parts together
  16. Bandai does not have a history ever reissuing their web exclusives for Macross, so why would Bandai choose to start now? Better to order them all now and not have to risk paying inflated prices later, than take the chance of being gouged for strike parts later because Bandai doesn't do TWE reissues. IF they do rerelease anything it'll be in some updated pack, as in the Valk and the parts together that way they can peg it as a new item without making any new molds. (like the YF-19 Full set displayed at the Macross cross over live)
  17. Not a pose but I got bored at work and messed around with the product photo
  18. Wasn't there the first time they literally just put it up today, also much earlier than I would have expected. So much for my wait till December for people who buy it in store theory lol
  19. But every figure made by Bandai or whoever all gets checked and approved by both Kawamori and Tenjin. I mean you get people complaining about the Tampos but thats very little to do with Bandai and almost completely Tenjin.
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if they wait till later on in the year so that people who manage to get a VF-1S in the store will be able to order their strike packs after they've locked down the Valk
  21. When Chucks Siegfried came out Macross ga tomaranai was the second place they announced it after the bakuon live viewing. Once in a while you get some good info. Granted i can't vouch for their interest lol.
  22. The problem is they didnt say when...
  23. Anyone else watching Macross ga tomaranai? They pretty much just announced that they're going to do a second run of the strike parts.
  24. whaaaaaa, were does it say that lol I'm here in Japan and having a hard time finding another set >.<
  25. Well if they already locked down a set of stock then it should be fine. The problem is if they're just letting their order page run and planned to order them later.
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