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  1. guys...just asking ...has amiami ever had the issue of getting email but one day later told u they oversold? or getting the email is a confirm?
  2. got the multiple connect msg on amiami when i try to cart out. Then they ask me to log in again but still got the smae msg. try hlj got block by my company firewall damn ! use phone to go amiami no issue but sold out...
  3. just get the damn refund.... by change the delivery date they r trying delay the refund window period
  4. can i check if PO place with CDjapan can be cancel? I know for AmiAmi it can but not sure if CDjapan can be cancel
  5. Great...my local bank told me is not their issue and told me to report to police... after that I said alright because you guys have more experience in it so if I were to report to police, issue can be solve even if the store is in Japan? this is where he started to chicken out and ask me to wait while he confirm.
  6. bro if u r in SG get from amazon jp...ships to sg total around 360SGD cheaper than my amiami order Should be cheaper than Ohmyprimus price also but more than 50 i suppose..... usually PO hot items i wont order from them....
  7. its Like one day u just received an email from them stating that it is cancelled, heres ur store credit and that it?
  8. damn...i'm worried for mine too in that case? r we able to do anything for this matter? I am so going to burn the bridge with NY
  9. its always this case...delivery man pops by when i am poping in the toilet, showering, brushing my teeth. but no when i open my door and sit there waiting
  10. how many sets is it?
  11. I believed u should not pised off ur customer be it 80 or 230 orders. If u cant manage it then dun be a greedy arse and take so much order. N u r tell me forcing ppl to accept store credit is not pissing ppl off?
  12. yes...this is wat they told me... after my 2nd email chasing them. first email told me due to shipping restriction so deley. Then now told me supplier stop supplying to them n force me to 1) accept their store credit which i had bad experience with 2)Switch to another product 3)wait how about 4 ? _l_
  13. yes I have enough... pre order on first day deley me for 2nd pre order then now told me no more stock going to stop doing biz with them too.
  14. This is the reply i got when i ask about y is not stuff still not shipped when my country is not under the restricted countries affect due this covid for the strike parts.... Thank you for your message Sir , i regret to inform you even if you change the shipping method( we cannot ship by SAL) we won't be able to honor your order. Our supplier cancelled our stock for this product. We tried to find with another supplier this product, but it takes a lot of time (months) and even that we are able to tell you if at the end we will be able to ship your order. We are terrible sorry for the inconvenience, here the option we can offer you: - refund your order by store credit (time to make a proper refund has been expired) - if there are something on the website, make an exception and switch the product (prices have to be equivalent) - keep the order but we do not know when it will be ship , change now or after the shipping method. Come back to us, new ticket: Super parts. We will answer you faster. Another VF-31A Karios in the making?
  15. send them 2 heard one from them regarding the SSP but the other regarding my store credit no news
  16. mine is with the ! beside...meaning expired? damn..... wat a way for them to earn money, refund with store credit and puts a expiry date to it...
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