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  1. Buying from Mandarake, is SAL shipping gd enough? does it coves insurance n tracking?
  2. so...wat could it be? a scam? or when u receive the item some parts r missing? deal looks too gd to be true. but worth risk buying and any thing can rise issue with paypal?
  3. but even if at PO price the amount stated is too low right?
  4. erm...how do u buy from mandarake? u need a local jap address?
  5. Got one since yf-19 oos when I click pay. Got pis**d
  6. Seriously quite pi**Ed as I was making payment n then they said sold out after clicking pay
  7. why why why do they have to do it at that time....
  8. just saw that n damn ! i have a meeting at that time !
  9. sold out?
  10. count down timer has ended n it has not start? so when is it going to start then?
  11. total bull. had the page loaded more than an hr ago n kept refreshing it n ya no change at all
  12. non proxy version is also 36000yen....
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