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  1. It's interesting for myself as I remember not liking 7 the first time around but with my most recent watch of the entire macross franchise it resonated with me much better. (I'm assuming because I was much more about "serious" anime when I was younger.) The only thing I thought could've been done was not having the series drag out so long and maybe cut out a lot of the redundant bits. So like if the series was 40 episodes rather than 49.
  2. Lol I know it's a VF-19 but it looks like Isamu is piloting it.
  3. If you're willing to wait awhile sometimes they pop up on sites like mandarake which will ship directly abroad without all of the middleman fees. Though in that case they would be considered "used." Their idea of used for my original vf-31J was that the tape was broken so I was able to get a pretty sweet deal on a basically new valk.
  4. Wouldn't everybody's be in an ideal world?
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