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  1. 10 hours ago, borgified said:

    I haven't yet, not sure if @eXis10z has either. I think Amiami is slow in getting invoices as I ordered another item (not Macross related) and it took a week after getting their batch in and then came the invoice later.

    If your so impatience about getting your Macross fix the next round, then don't get it through Amiami anymore @Alex GS.   

    ¬†it was just a question also I usually never do this here in the forums, it doesn't mean I'm desperate or something :D¬†, also I order dozens of things from AmiAmi since years now (new, used- letter conditions, etc), so pretty much know what is the time range from the time you put your order in and get the the payment request email :), usually after receiving¬†their PO items it definitely¬†doesn't take a week to create the shipping payment request email(at least for me that has never happened), it actually takes about two or three days, also is not like Japan retailers receive the items in release day, they receive them way before that time, heck¬† even at last year Covid AmiAmi usually were pretty damn fast with all those working Japan restrictions preparing orders (using DHL), still thanks @borgified¬†for the answer in the first paragraph, will not do this kind of questions again . ūüĎć

  2. 6 hours ago, F360 said:

    takes about 1 week or so.  but also depends on what shipping method you choose..  there's one that's like a private warehouse and will hold for you until you ask them to ship it. 

    Thanks @F360 for the information about Okini Land, finally received the shipping payment request thru email  today early in the morning, but it was just a direct link payment for Paypal for Epacket , no option for other shipping methods or any status change in my OkiniLand account. But oh well at least it seems I got the order moving finally, I have another Tamashi Exclusive already payed up and waiting, but this one was in FromJapan proxy service, lets see how it goes with this one when the item releases. 

  3. Just found this thread about Okini Land web shop, just wanted to know usually how much time it takes to Okini Land to full fill Tamashi Nation Exclusive figures?, is my first time ordering from them just because they handle this kind of exclusive figures, the figure that I ordered is a Saint Seiya¬† EX Siren Sorrento exclusive, the item is already out the same time the Stand alone Bandai Armor for the DX Chogokin Valks released,¬† already placed a ticket last week and not a single answer, and today put another one. Maybe Im just paranoid but can't stop this¬† Nippon Yassan feeling .¬†ūüėÖ¬†

  4. 1 hour ago, Toonz said:

    anyone has any notification from Okiniland?

    I'm waiting as well a notification from Okiniland from another Tamashi Exclusive that was released the same date as the GBP armor, maybe will get some information between today and tomorrow night, this is my first time ordering from them, lets see how it goes.

  5. 31 minutes ago, Froy said:

    I remember Yamato toys to be super cheap (compared to today's standards).

    Arcadia toys price tags just skyrocketed for some of the same molds.


    I don't know how much that set would cost if released today. 


    I did have at some point had a 1/48 VF-1J Max with Supers, and is not near close the feel of quality of the DX Chogokin line, also if you had the inflation from 2002 to today it would be like 400 bucks(taking in account the MSRP), and this is just pure inflation approximation! Arcadia would add extra 200~250 bucks for the extra stuff(tampos), so yeah the Bandai 1/48 Macross figures yet easily wins this in quality and price.


    Don't get me wrong I love Arcadia but seriously Bandai is another level as a company.


    Had to adjust the prices of the Yamato MSRP prices after some checking.  

    A 1/48 scale cost aprox. 150 bucks in 2002 and the GBPs Armor cost : 120 bucks. approximately , so the complete set in the past from Yamato cost about 270 bucks!.

  6. Believe it or not I have at least 4 DX Chogoking and keep them in mint condition in their box and so never transformed one of those, only pulled them out from its tray in fighter mode to feel the quality of the materials, and here is Bandai like: " oh so you dont want to feel the robot mode in your hands too?, so eat this full fledge DX fully transformed in robot mode!!" , and Im like "thank you Bandai" :D  

  7. not sure if to put here since the Thread mentions 2017-2018 but will do since didn't find any other thread in relation to Megazone 23 or Garland toys,

    The thing is  the ES GOKIN GARLAND literally at half the cost of its original price , so  if somebody interested there is the link below( a huge Sale right now in HLJ), already ordered mine  always wanted this one cause it has lots of diecast(very heavy) and is a Garland(finally will have one) and didn't cost me the insane initial price :D 


     Also wanted to mention, also went for this one cause never got the chance to get a good condition 1/15 Yamato Garland , really loved the size and looks of the Yamato ones, but then Arcadia came in reducing its size severely to 1/24, really didn't like that move, not only they reduced its size but also I think the size doesn't justify its price of the Arcadia ones, so that's why always wanted for a while now this version of ES Gokin, finally got it!!, 

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