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  1. On 2/3/2022 at 4:43 PM, 2winner said:

    Finally came in and it is awesome. Figure is amazing. Still messing around with it as some parts are stiff and trying to take it easy. A lot bigger than I thought. Mystery item I received is an orange hair piece. Same to the stock one but instead of the white area, it’s orange. 

    Glad you like it!  That's the first time that I heard about the orange hair piece mystery item.  I've always thought that the mystery box was a fun little surprise that they included.

  2. 14 hours ago, 2winner said:

    How did you get a bonus item? I’m receiving mine this week but not sure if I get a bonus item. Was that a special release?

    As far as I know, it is not exclusive to a special release and that they all come with that bonus item.  Mine was a regular release that I preordered from Show.z

    Let us know what you get!

  3. 8 hours ago, wm cheng said:

    Is there anyplace I can still order the super packs that is a fair price?  What is that fair price nowadays BTW? (I was away on holidays :()

    BiginJapan still has theirs open.  They have been reliable for me in the past.


    It is the same price that I paid for mine at Anime Export (10800y)

  4. 5 hours ago, sqidd said:

    I know I have a toy problem when I don't like the Sentinel Ride Armors (which I don't have) as much as the Beagles (which I have three of)..............but I still have to fight with myself not to smash that PO button!:rofl:

    I know the feeling...gotta scratch that itch lol.

    2 hours ago, F360 said:


    So If I add this to a new order, I probably wont be able to combine it with my exciting order to save on shipping..  they might not let me cancel this order either.. ;)


    Good catch!  Yea, it's kind of hard to tell if you can combine it.

  5. CDJapan is currently offering a 1,111 off 10,000 JPY coupon good until 11/12.


    Brings down the cost of Bartley just a little bit more. 

    Also, Amazon Japan lowered their price a bit as well.


    It's now 19,566 JPY (instead of 22,000) but my original order actually went all the way down to 18,735 JPY before shipping.


  6. 45 minutes ago, Alphahorizon said:



    Where did you snag the MC version. Can't afford the original but would probably get this version. 

    hey man, I got it from Aliexpress.  There are two sellers that I can see.  I purchased mine from this one:


    The other one is (Seller has better feedback score):


    22 hours ago, Draft said:

    Glad you like it.

    About the copy of original color ver., it was released prior to SW prelude about half a year(or more) by the company called Pegasus (飞马).

    Some said it is MC, some said it is new company.

    But from what I've heard, the quality ain't as good as the SW prelude.


    Here's the link to order in Thailand.


    Don't know if they'll ship abroad or not.

    Thank you!  I will check it out.

  7. Received the MC Model Snow White Prelude today and have to say that I am quite happy with it.  Aside from the tampo being less clear and a difference in the neck joint making the head sit closer to the body (pretty negligible), it is a very good copy and hard to tell it apart from the original.

    Mine came with some loose (not floppy) joints that I was able to fix with Kiki.  I think, for the price compared to what the Bandai is going for these days, it is quite good.  The comment about it being 80-90% of the original is accurate.  I wish there was an original color version!

    Some photos, sorry most of it is using my phone camera.


    MC Model Snow White




    Left - MC Model
    Right - Bandai (Sorry it came out blurry)




    MC Model neck joint


    Bandai neck joint



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