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  1. Somebody on Reddit noted that ending scene for the AC7 trailer is reminiscent of the Macross Plus Movie Edition poster. Given the ideas being explored in the new game, I have to say that it'd an apt comparison/homage.
  2. It seems that Macross guns are far more commonplace than I realized. Thank you for enlightening me. I suppose what I was really wondering was why they aren't a standard feature across NUNS ships of the line. EDIT: NVM, I missed a line in RedWolf's post. Makes sense. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, back again with a few more questions. 1. How do the macross fleets deal with mainline warship losses? 2. Sort of in conjunction with #1, what happens when a macross fleet is rendered mission killed? (i.e. in an encounter with a rogue Zentradi fleet, the majority of the defense force as well as numerous islands are lost) 3. Why aren't macross cannons more commonplace? The Quarter-class main gun one-hit-killed a Vajra Mothership, and IIRC the ship the original Macross was built on wasn't all that special in the Supervision Army. These next two questions are opinion questions, and since it would be unfair of me to ask you your opinion with out providing mine, I have included them below each question. 4. What has been the hardest detail/tactic/etc. of the Macross universe for you to rationalize and/or accept? Doesn't matter how small or what it's about. I have an incredibly hard time reconciling that space sniping of all things is a standard dogfighting tactic employed by the SMS and NUNS. Having your buddy enter melee combat with the enemy and then plinking away at them while they are still fighting is just begging for blue on blue. 5. What is your favorite little detail, be it animation-wise, story-wise, etc., that made you appreciate the movie/series/episode more? I really like how in DYRL when the Zentradi are preparing to fire the main gun they explain that they only have one shot because stuff broke (can't remember the exact reason), and it makes perfect sense for a ship that's been in service for 120,000+ cycles to have stuff that's broken. I realize that the whole "one shot" thing is probably to explain why they didn't just blow up the rebelling ships with the main gun, but I really like that they chose to say "stuff's broken" vs "It's not done charging! Aaaaah!" Thank you for your answers! Edit: If opinion questions are a no go here I'll gladly remove them.
  4. Much obliged, sir. In the time between my first post and now I got around to re-watching Frontier, but only got halfway through the first ep before I realized I had lost all ability to handwave things like I used to. 1. Why do the NUNS pilots stick to fighter mode? If you aren't gonna train them to use the different modes as standard combat technique, why use VFs at all? 2. Ozma calls the NUNS pilots "cowards", and before the NUNS ships merge with the Vajra, the pilots are visibly afraid. Why is that? Are there systemic problems with the NUNS pilots and training? 3. How is it that fighter sized targets can completely/effectively jam a sensor fused radar picture drawing information from potentially hundreds of warship grade radars and sensor suites? 4. Both the SMS and the Frontier High Command are obviously aware of the Vajra threat, yet only the SMS have prepared themselves to fight them. What's up with that? ...Or is that Leon going about his backstabby business? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, I got a few questions for you guys, mostly looking for canonical (or technical if you know) explanations in respect to Frontier. It's been a couple years since I watched it and I'm waiting on Delta to finish before I binge it, so apologies in advance for anything that might be obvious. 1. Why aren't IRSTs a thing? Space is cold and exhaust is hot, so it stands to reason that anything producing heat would stick out like a sore thumb. 2. What happened to the total/pinpoint barrier system? IIRC the pinpoint barrier system was effective, and the total barrier system made for a great "I'm rubber, you're glue" tactic. 3. Aside from looking really cool, is there a reason for the fighters to take off one by one, exposed, and via catapult? This last one isn't quite looking for facts as opposed to asking you to opine. What do you think of gimballed lasers cued by the targeting and fire control systems replacing gunpods? The idea being instead of having to bring a very small circle to an erratically moving target while accounting for lead and dispersion, the pilot simply puts the target into a much wider "killbox" infront of him, and the FCS and gimbals take care of the rest with out having to deal the issues of slower-than-light shootings. Totally not taking this from Yukikaze. If any of these can be answered with new tech that appears in Delta, feel free to tell me, I don't mind tech spoilers (if those are a thing). Thanks! EDIT: Wording
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