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  1. International shipping is not available? What a sad... I'm really interested your 1/72 QF-3000E Ghost... If internationaly shipping is possible... Please...please, please let me know the shipping cost to South Korea. I can pay you without hesitation!! Immediately! Thank you.(sorry for bothering you)
  2. Thank you for your answer, PetarB. I sent out PM as well. And I'm looking forward to seeing updated web site sooner or later. (only 3 months to X-mas )
  3. CoreyD, thank you for your infomation. Now, what I can do is only waiting until PetarB reads mt PM...
  4. Hello. everyone. Is there anyone who sent order 'Studio starforge' (http://www.studiostarforge.com/) recently? As you know, there are excellent pilot figures for 1/72 valkires, however, it hasn't updated since last Jan. I left messages to Admin several times, but no answers from him.(or her) Of course, I know one of MW member(PetarB) is the owner of studiostarforge. I already sent out PM a week ago, but he hasn;t read. So I'm not sure ordering to studio starforge is available or not. Please let me know any idea. Thank you.
  5. She is not Motoko what I imagine.. (New charecter looks too young) Give us more mature Motoko back~
  6. I'm so scared. you are a monster!! Awesome job. I really hope you to complete to build!
  7. Hi~ I'm newbie,too. As you already know, generally, most of official websites have prohibited any thread of recasting. My thinking is, we need to follow common sense in MW, as well.
  8. Now remaining stocks are two. I sent an order a moment ago.
  9. Thanks for information. Actually I ordred one early of this week, but I need to order one more!.
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