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  1. Apparently they are done until the next container shows up. No updates, of course, because the internet doesn't work in China, as any fool can plainly see. Oh and they gave a bunch of the rule books to game distributor Alliance ti give away as freebies to retailers.
  2. That splinter camo turned out really good! I'll have to give it a try on something.
  3. That's really neat. I love Dioramas. I saw that the set came with a lot of jeeps and accessories. Could you do a hand swap from another kit that had a Gun Pod? I hope you will paint the whole factory! I was thinking about getting this but I keep telling myself I have enough models in boxes.
  4. Hi all, new guy here. 1st post. I'm getting excited for the Palladium's Robotech Tactics miniature game. It's 6mm and I'd love to find some macross/anime themed stuff to go with it, including the new Valkyries from vf-4 and up. (about an 1.75 inches inches in battroid mode) Are there any good sources that folks here can recommend? Thanks! -Joe
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