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  1. Did everyone who ordered from HLJ get their confirmation?
  2. Been a while since I touched amiami. Totally missed the modify existing orders tab lol hmm still haven't gotten my HLJ confirmation...
  3. Anyone know if I just need to email Amiami with my order number to change shipping address of a PO?
  4. Wait a sec. idk if its been a while since I ordered from HLJ or what but didn't they used to have a normal Paypal payment option to select and not just Paypal Billing Agreement (is it the same thing??)
  5. That price though. Going to save for the F91 MB instead then
  6. Yea i know about his vids. Wing hinge is so tight at the moment. Doesnt seem like it wants to go down
  7. Just how tight is the wing hinge supposed to be? Was going to transform mine for the first time and i keep thinking that I will break it... I just want my super parts on
  8. Jeez, one of my fav Valks but for that price... get a Fewture gokin
  9. This makes me want a YF-21 :X Assuming that this comes out in May the next DX wouldn't be out till somthing like Oct... damn
  10. Got a YF-29 Roy for about $180, not sure on condition yet but I'd assume its fine. Could've been cheaper but gotta get that EMS for tracking.
  11. ULessa

    Bandai DX VF-31

    What do you guys will think be the next one? the F or S
  12. Probably not going to be a reissue in the foreseeable future till most of Delta rolls out. A recolor would be pretty interesting to see but that probably wont happen just yet. I thought I bought 4 but found 1 more LOL
  13. ULessa

    Bandai DX VF-31

    How bad was it this one lol. Sat outta this one this time and just waiting for Messer's. Last crazy PO I remember was the VF-25S which lasted about 5 seconds. Rest wasn't that hard to get after that one actually.
  14. I think I'll never get over this battroid mode. Feels so awkward for me. Luckily (or unluckily for my wallet) the gearwalk mode seems killer.
  15. ULessa

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I guess we're getting the best of all worlds at this point.
  16. So tempted to get another copy if I could. All that cash though :X
  17. The gearwalk is definitely cool. Battroid on the other hand :X. Gotta see those DX
  18. hmm, gotta see it in some other form and not just CG. Not sure what to make of the whole space knight robot thing.
  19. As someone who is okay with whatever landing gear comes with the Valk all this talk with the 31 and this goes right over my head.
  20. ULessa

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Seeing stuff in Gearwalk makes me want a second copy of everything to display it in that (I mostly have my Valks in Battroid or fighter). All this $$$ I don't have to spend (yet)
  21. ULessa

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I've been under a rock for a while after delta was announced. So whats the estimated release date for these?
  22. Dammit, just missing this and the Rod to complete the 29 line up. Not to keen on dropping $200 just yet Edit: bit the bullet, along with grimgerde and PAK cloud. RIP wallet
  23. I was thinking more along the lines of the missile pods. I guess the 31 stuff could attach but the color scheme :X
  24. Thinking back I remember we were theorizing weapon/ super packs for the 30 but I guess with the delta line up coming that is kind of dead.
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