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  1. Hello, Hope everyone is alright. Just writing to let you know that I got the anime-export YF-21 that @enphily suggested. All good, well packaged, condition exactly as advertised. Ordered it on May 18th and received on May 31st (EMS). Pretty good considering that I live in Mexico. If you have any question regarding this transaction, I'll be happy to answer. Thank You All.
  2. Tks, @enphily I liked the condition of this one and I just purchased it. I will follow up with the shipping times, condition, etc. Thanks for everyone who helped me find it!
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I do have the YF-19 *with* fast pack.
  4. Tks for the info! I'll have a look.
  5. Oh, it's ok... It's alomst the same, actually. Tks for the offer!
  6. Hello everyone, Hope you're alright I'm looking for a YF-21, 1/60 from Yamato. So, if anyone have a spare to sell, I'm open to negotiations. Thanks! Mike
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