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  1. This happened to me., saw the orange button but reflex was too much., I pressed F5. THen it never appeared again
  2. HLJ, are you trying to wear down the humans so that bot can buy this toy?!?!?!?!
  3. HLJ down edit: back again but cant cart the item
  4. Nin nin wont let me cart the item til it get sold out
  5. https://www.hlj.com/dx-chogokin-first-limited-edition-vf-1s-valkyrie-roy-focker-special-bans60502
  6. ty for AMazon link. It was the most hassle free ordering so far
  7. too bad, the max was known to be easily available after the release date. This one, No one will believe that way. he is just too popular internationally
  8. there is no landing in HLJ, it just crash and burn haha also camping for HLJ edit: I was able to click pre-order at amiami but it never gets to cart. sad story
  9. Biobreak time. You have 10mins after that, you cant miss even a blink!!
  10. many of us did. I was actually not doing anything during that time frame. What made me assume that NY will stick to the usual antics.
  11. Can someone refresh to me Ninnin reputation for in demand items?
  12. irc, HLJ never do placeholder. its live the moment it is up
  13. they can still offer the marked up pay now
  14. suddenly I feel alarmed. NY went random with this
  15. Some heavy hitters tonight. Will definitely crash the site, hope we get some VF-1 as some folks prioritize VV
  16. @Octopus Prime You said you are new to the forum. The folks here actually knows that and know how much it cost to get one if you fail to secure a PO. And NO, that is not one pay if they missed a PO.
  17. Hot tagging on the thread. The day before the PO madness, you guys are already prepping the thread.
  18. just monitor this thread on the day. Someone will share it. edit: on the old HLJ site, there is an advance search that is not obvious in the site. That is how it was done before. On the current site, I dont know how the folks are doing it either.
  19. HLJ seem better recently, hobbysearch and amiami just stall on that opening second and when it loads up, SOLD out. HLJ seem better since they do random time in terms of opening it, it allows a bit of better chances that way.
  20. Based on the Japan Post main page, SAL is still suspended to all Countries supported
  21. some lucky folk got this, hope someone here got it. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1142080588&ref=list&keyword=マクロス
  22. I'll wait for the reupload. Cant view the YT video even with VPN (or maybe the free VPNs dont work haha)
  23. Poor Wallet-kun
  24. tamashii page for Focker DX teased NEXT on July 5.
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