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  1. Is this the new or updated Prometheus & Daedalus? Why the tease?
  2. All I have to say is NICE!!! Maybe I should take that course in Japanese after all?
  3. This series is going to be a killer! I can't wait to see what Macross/Battle 25 looks like!
  4. That's what i though as well. the rear thrusters are completly different. They remind me of the SV-51 with more thrust control veins. Seems lika na awful lot of time to render this for just a test model?
  5. Has anyone seen this? What is the red Valkrie?? Good behind the scenes stuff on how Shoji created teh vf-25 with Lego's. Mod edit: Download links are NOT allowed.
  6. Looks Good! The hands are better, as well as the acuracy on all of the 3 modes. I love the profile with the arms being tucked closer to the belly for a more streamlined look. The photos look very good for a paint master! I wonder if the feet-nozzles are going to be that light blue color?? Magnets for the leg fastpacks perhaps?? Nice!! I hope Yamato produces the VF-25!
  7. Cool! With camo and retracting landing gear!! NICE!!
  8. Don't underetimate the Lego Market it is huge across the world! From Expert Buider now called Technic to Starwars and so on Some of these kits are super expensive, however worth every penny! The engineering that Lego has is super impressive!
  9. I do Want a lego Konig! The color looks better than the green! If Yamato did a matte finish with glossy canopy and otehr parts maby it would look better??
  10. SWEET!! Lego needs to get busy and make some New kits! Macross in particular They could make a killing on Mech other than the boring Exo Stuff!
  11. That would be correct.
  12. This is pretty interesting, I hope it hasn't already been posted. Taking into cosideration that Yamato has produced a Ghost fighter for the Zero line I only speculate that ther is one coming for Plus?? While we wait for our Yamato YF-21's I hope these pictures provide some inspriation.
  13. Looks like someone had beat me to it. There are a total of 10 images form the Brickshelf archive that I have, let me know if you have them all??
  14. Those pieces look like the optional display stand attachments?! Perhaps for fighter and Batroid?
  15. And another! It appears he was able to transform this lego toy without removing or adding any major portions of the mech! Crazy but very cool?!
  16. Check this out. This guy is nuts. Lego get instruction form this guy and produce some product! http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=99844
  17. Oh well... I was hoping maybe Shin would really be Hikaro or some crazy twist like that!
  18. It had to be G. Boman in Macross plus the movie version. Ouch!! he is still floating in space!
  19. Does anyone know where this photo came from, which book? It looks like a TV series version because of the fighter flying around it.
  20. Looks real good Rohby, please put me down for 2 heads.
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