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  1. Yeah, brings me back to the Bronx in 1987 when I used to walk from LIttle Italy all the way up Fordham Road to Odd Lot off of Kingsbridge Ave and pick up some of them Revell brand Robotech models. They were only $3.99 back then.
  2. I would love to get all that exclusive stuff we've all been drooling over lately--the seats, and luggage/ baby pod. Also a 1/60 scale Hangar deck display would be cool too with all the accesories that would go with it.
  3. Just got mine too---oh the Macross goodness :-D Can't wait to go home and take her out of the box.
  4. Since we're in the topic of fire arms, I was wondering if that automatic assault rifle from Deep Rising--the movie with Treat Williams not sure if anyone remembers that movie. Is that a real weapon? It was a cool looking gun.
  5. 1/60's VF 1S Roy Focker VF 1J Hikaru with FAST Packs VF 1D YF 19 Special Anniversary YF 19 Isamu Dyson YF 21 VF 11 VF 0 Roy Focker with Ghost Booster VF 0A Shin with Ghost Booster SV 51 Ivanov Tomahawk Olive Drab
  6. Last month I got the stand alone YF 19 Isamu Dyson Style and it too had the crooked gun pod. When I choose to display it, I am going to put it in Battroid mode. I also purchased the YF 29 25th anniversary special and that one is much better. Forget which site I ordered from there are so many I do business with.
  7. Cool pic of your 1/60 collection. --SHMOGUN
  8. I must say the VF 11 is one good looking fighter. Love looking at it in all angles. Even at work I cant stop looking at the pics posted. Very nice formation pics Dobber. Good stuff
  9. That is a striking camo- job on the armor Ultimateone. Very cool.
  10. I put a Toynami 1/55 scale Roy Focker in the back seat- I had to cut his legs to a nub but he sits ok. Since hes a smaller scale his helmut sits a little under the headrest. The VF 1D is cool to go along with the VF 1S.
  11. "Ah man I would loved to have seen that, damn I wonder who I can hire to beat the guy down just to retrive those pics." LOL-Thanks VF-18 S Hornet if I knew I'd get the bastard myself
  12. I never really thought these early yamato stickers were that bad. When I have the time I cut as close to the image as possible. I use a pair of mustache trimming scissors works great but be careful especially with stickers with white lettering so have good lighting around.
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