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  1. I've watched the first 3 episodes, but I'm unsure what the motives of the anti-UN forces are- what exactly are they fighting for? On another sort of related topic, I only know the general storyline of the original macross series. It seems to earth was destroyed by the Zenetroids (sp?). Were all mankind wiped out except those in space? If so how did they repopulate it? I'm gonna try to watch the Macross series in the summer after school's done
  2. JLYC

    Alien vs. Macross

    haha...i agree that the alien stands no chance....for one thing the scale of the alien in the pic is larger than the valk. Godzilla vs. Valks....now that would make an interesting discussion since we know the big fella can instantly regenerate any wounds and its radioactive halitosis + sheer size would make it an interesting fight. (I wonder what would happen if those useless military jets in G movies were replaced by valks...lol)
  3. JLYC

    Alien vs. Macross

    Just for Fun- first time taking pics of my toys. My newly arrived SOC Kamen Rider Amazon with the Macross Gunpod. I wish this weapon was included in the toy- it sure looks awesome and beats the big whip thingy and nunchuks (sp?) that came with it. Big bad ass Alien queen vs Vf-1s thx for looking
  4. JLYC

    The BP8 Project

    I'm in dental school now and will have access to the lab next year. I'm hoping to make a recast of a part of the ED209 resin kit that I lost. Perhaps if I learn how to do these things I can be of help to other forum members.
  5. yeah, the q-rau is doing good but not at a $120. most shops in HK and the surrounding area aren't selling them for more than $80. only the folks in the US get the "special" price of $120. and you are not in the minority but i certainly wouldn't pay $100+ for a plain ol monster. how much do you think people are willing to spend on a robot that does absolutely nothing but just sits there? sure it might have some articulation but not enough that it would warrant such a high price tag. the way i see it is, the q-rau was the first and only toy of its kind, so i can see how yamato/sellers could somewhat justify the price since it is the only q-rau toy ever made. the $120 price is way ridiculous but hey, nobodies forcing anyone to buy it at that price. the monster(regular) has been produced as a toy 2 times, once by takatoku, and once by matchbox. in order words, its really not that rare nor is it the first of its kind. the koeing on the other hand is the first toy of its kind, so it could warrant a high price tag, but it shouldn't surpass the price of a non FP 1/48 IMHO. just from the comments/complaints alone in both koeing threads, theres no way yamato/retailer/etailer could justify a ridiculously high price tag. if they do, they'll be sitting on them for a long, long time. despite any flaws or high price tags that may come with the monster, I don't think yamato will be 'sitting on them for a long time'. remember N.A. is not yamato's only market (where price will be higher). In addition many collectors will buy them regardless of price (since they're the first kind to be made), or even just for the sake of having a complete collection. Many ppl will complain but I think they'll still open their wallet at the end. just mho.
  6. JLYC

    macross plus

    sorry this belongs to the thread below
  7. JLYC

    macross plus

    I'm going to choose between YF-21 and 19 since they're the protagonists in the movie, while VF-11 is such a minor character (and I don't really dig the grey paint scheme) I have to say the VF-19a is the best M+ toy. It's improved over the original YF-19 and I like the paint scheme. The YF-21 just doesn't really cut it for all the reasons people mentioned above. I think even in fighter mode the 21 looks very chuncky, especially in the rear 2/3.
  8. there was a long discussion about this with tons of pics posted. search the threads
  9. i'm working on a 1/144 Gundam Rx-78 GP-01 kit I got about 11 years ago. One question for fellow members: how do you guys find time to make models?? (especially those with kids)?? I hardly have enough time as it is with school and everything....can't imagine how grown-ups with jobs have the spare time to make models.
  10. I could be wrong, but I think the mass market for Yamato is still in Asia. The US market is big, yes, but nothing can match the frenzy and die-hard spirit of Japanese collectors, be it toys, watches, zippo lighters, or LV bags. Numerous European luxury companies produce (e.g. LV, Omega) produce exclusively Japanese products just for the Japanese audience while that hardly happens for American collectors- that really says something. Slightly OT: One thing that's really bothering me about Japanese toys nowadays is that they are not made in Japan anymore. I still remember in my childhood in Taiwan how I prized my "made in Japan" toys rather than the bootlegs my friends were getting. Nowadays they're all made in China, probably in factories next to each other.
  11. JLYC

    Yammies per user

    just curious. what is the reason behind buying so many of the same toys and keeping them in the box? is it to see if they increase in value in the future? thanks
  12. In terms of inch/cm when built?? thanks!!!
  13. Haha...I agree with you that toys are for kids...but it's just that I never grew up!! But if I do get the 1/60, it'll be because I want to customize it so in a way it'll be like making a model (without the gluing). I'll be moving around a bit in the next few years so the toy is probably a better option for me due to durability. Also I still have the Hase battroid and Ex model Yukikaze to finish up!!
  14. I always say to my girlfriend that my toys are good investments. Sometimes they are (like my SOC kaman rider- really wish I'd bought more of them), but it probably doesn't matter anyway because I just have to play with them so they're no longer mint. So the 'value' and 'resale' things are no more than excuses for me to buy more toys The only hobby of mine that really has the potential to make money is wrist watches. The nice thing about them is that you can enjoy them everyday and if it's the right brand (e.g. Rolex or Panerai) you can bet you'll make money or at least recoup the cost years down the road. Do whatever floats your boat- if looking at toys in their boxes satisfy you , so be it. I myself just can't resist opening them and give them the TLC they deserve
  15. yes i did. just trying to get different perspectives on the 'toy' and 'model' people.
  16. I've been agonizing over whether to get a 1/60 vf-1 and do a customization or get a Hasegawa fighter model vf-1 (bought the battroid model already). Of course, the price of the 1/60 would be about 2X the model. What would you do? Which one do you see becoming more hard to come by in the future? (so I can save that one to buy in the future after money flows in)
  17. I've been agonizing over whether to get a 1/60 vf-1 and do a customization or get a Hasegawa fighter model vf-1 (bought the battroid model already). Of course, the price of the 1/60 would be about 2X the model. What would you do? Which one do you see becoming more hard to come by in the future? (so I can save that one to buy in the future after money flows in)
  18. with or without Fastpack? Or can they only be built with fast packs on? Thanks!
  19. How do the two compare? I can't find much info about the toynami here... thanks!
  20. I just got my 1/60 superstrike vf-1s. When I tried to transform to gerwalk mode, the two pegs from the legs (which act as the hip joint in battroid mode) keep on running into each other because there is not enough room. From the toy galleries, I also see that the hip joints can not be positioned side by side, but rather you have to stagger them in gerwalk mode. This results in the legs being kind of crooked. is is normal and is there a solution to this?? thanks
  21. hi I'm just wondering if Hasegawa has released any kits that can be made in Gerwalk mode. From the descriptions I've seen only fighter or battroid non transformable models are available. So those gerwalk models from magazines, are they customized? Or is there an option for the Hasegawa models to be built as gerwalks? thanks
  22. Thanks. Just to clarify though, when you say that the 1/60 VF-1's are no longer in production do you mean that no new models will be put out (but they'll still continue to make the old models), or that the production is completely stopped (i.e. what's out there is what's available and there'll be no new stocks). Anyword on how long the 1/48 will stay in production?? Thanks alot guys
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