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  1. You can see the rest of the works in my pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/91214349
  2. I came back And this time recharged! All right! I have gone from drawing by hand to drawing entirely made with software. But I do not draw with tablet or similar. But with the wonderful koikatu, and his chara studio. So I share this wallpaper.
  3. Now in 3D!! Shammy, Kim, Vanessa, Millia, Lynn and Misa (she is always in that mood)!!
  4. Yes, it´s the Megaroad. -Megaroad Summer 2017- But not the Megaroad 01. Just a Megaroad class ship.
  5. Thx!! New work: (I will make a wallpaper with the bridge bunnies soon)
  6. I hope you like it-Warning NSFW Content-
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