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  1. I have yet to make it to one... About 6-7 years ago I was *almost* able to tie it in with a visit to a friend in California in which it would also have coincided with a Lagwagon concert and then a Gwar concert, but it didn't work...

  2. I do think this looks like a very interesting and psycholigically compelling movie, my biggest gripe with it is that they use the space shuttle instead of one of the in development space craft that are to replace it. Maybe that was NASA and the other companies not giving their support if they used the next gen capsules/space busses. That being said why include a US spacecraft all, why not just use the soyuz alone? Also there must be a lot more to the movie than just the disaster and waiting to die as you see Bullock in a US and Russian space suit, plus someone else in some other suit I don't recognize, but that looks more like an old type launch suit.

    I guess I don't see what the problem is with it being the shuttle. Maybe there is a time frame for the film that requires it be set during the shuttle era?

  3. Yeah, read the non-fiction book Enemy at the Gates, in which the story of Vasily Zaytsev is just a small portion of an amazing historical account.

    Still, this could be interesting. However, considering how difficult it is to go see movies with a 1-year-old, this one may have to wait until home release...

  4. The guy with that contraption on his arm is, I believe just maneuvering the craft on the deck, as the flight computers won't be able to handle navigating a busy and unpredictable carrier deck. He's more a "remote aircraft handler" than a pilot. He won't be "flying" it once it's airborne.

    Yep. He's like a wrangler, or something.

  5. All I know is that Alfonso CuarĂ³n is a brilliant director, and that is enough to get me into the seat for this film despite what seems to be a cheesy premise.

    If renegadeleader1 didn't like "Children of Men" (seriously?!?) then maybe this isn't going to be his cup of tea. However, AC is not a genre director, so one really shouldn't base an unseen opinion of one his films based on the experience of only a single other.

  6. Looks awesome: any chance of a SDFM version?

    Maybe. I've got a lot of paid work I am working on at the moment, and still have a Frontier-themed drawing and another DYRL-themed drawing gestating in my head.

  7. A lot of mech designs favor fashion over function and utility. My inspiration here is the functionalappearing aesthetics of Appleseed's landmates (espcially early on, I think they get more fanciful as the volumes progress). In my head, I totally can see the functionality of the design on the left (it is the first iteration), especially for what the mech is designed to do. But for some reason I keep getting the feeling people will just see it as campy.


    Obviously there is a lot more refinement to go into the whole thing, but the basic shape, as it is, has finally kind of jelled for me, except for the bottom half of the legs.

  8. Honestly, I've never cared for how Genesis revived Spock either, but

    the idea there was to rebuild existing matter into something living, and

    even as fantastic as that is, it makes more sense than reviving a dead

    body by injecting it with some magic blood.

    I'll wait to find out if it's true, but I'm not really excited to see the movie. There's a few ways you could go about this, and if it's like an injection right after death, ok, potentially yeah, that could work. Either way, it's taking the original Khan story, and taking a good long

    dump all over it.

    Actually, it makes less sense. We know for a fact that

    a sinlge set of DNA will never, EVER, grow into an exact physical

    clone. At least with this "magical blood" premise (if that's what it

    is), we can assume that they aren't expecting Kirk to be magically born

    again and grow into the same physical man in the space of


    i agree that it is a bit of a cop out, and it would've been way cooler for it NOT to be Kahn, but people are up in arms about magic blood when it is friggin' STAR TREK! Almost every story in ST relies on magic dressed up in gobledygook to make it sound SF.

  9. I read the spoiler(s) and I don't quite see the problem.

    I mean, is it that Khan's blood has special regenerative properties? I mean, is that any harder to swallow than a torpedo that grows a living, breathing planet from a dead one? Or can bring a dead guy who was in his '50s back to life, but starting as a baby that grows really quick?

    I don't know. I'd like to see how it plays out.

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