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  1. Thanks guys! Remember you can buy this on a t-shirt from my shop!

    Zinjo- mayhap I can get an SD -25 and -31. I like to aim for the more obscure ones though.

    In fact, I just came up with a new idea in my head of one of my favorite VF designs (besides the SDP-1!)... if you know me well you can probably guess what it is... :rolleyes:

  2. (Mods - I know that this isn't technically other anime or sci-fi but, considering that is all I ever draw at Asplenia Studios, it would be really kind of you to let this one slide for the moment until I close the poll)

    HELP NEEDED! Please read below, view the image, and then click the link to vote in the poll.

    I need your help in choosing a Japanese version of the Asplenia Studios logo. Through the help of a good friend who is Japanese, we've narrowed it down to two acceptable choices.

    The two options I have are アスプレニア スタジオ / Asupurenia Sutajio, which is the phonetic adaptation of the name (phonetic translations of foreign words is common in Japanese)


    無脾症 スタジオ Muhishō Sutajio, which has the direct translation of Asplenia but, because of this, uses two different character sets. He also explained the native Japanese may be put off by using the actual word for Asplenia, as it implies sickness or illness.

    Once input has been received, I will then redraw the characters so that they better match the font used in the primary Asplenia Studios logo.

    Click here for the poll, and thank you for all of your help:



  3. Hey MW!

    I'm looking for a specific image and am having a helluva time finding it. I'm thinking specifically of the super-deformed version of the popular image of the fully loaded Strike VF-1S in an action pose, pointing its GU-11 directly at you.

    Anyone know where I can find this?

  4. Hey all. It has definitely been a while. A rough year that started with me breaking a bone in my hand has just been a bit crappy. I haven't been drawing nearly as much as I want to, and have let myself (and others) down along with it.

    Any-hoo... I've been stewing on a project for a while and basically told myself to do it. Hopefully this will jump start the other things I want to (or should) be working on.

    This is going to be for my second EX-S Gundam / Alice in Wonderland composition. What you see here is the flatted layer which I will now use for coloring.


  5. Hey all,

    I have an urgent request here. I'm looking for any hi-res images of the Falcon's cockpit from the outside, somewhat akin to the image below (anything similar would be cool).

    My daughter's b-day party tomorrow is SW-themed, and I wanted to take pictures of the kiddies with the stuffed Chewbacca toy (that she will be getting) and photoshop them in to the cockpit, then print them out as a special gift.

    However I am 1) short on time to look for images due to other preparations and such, and 2) the limited searching I've done has come up blank.

    If anyone has or knows where to get some good images, that'd be REALLY cool. If any 3D modellers here have done a good Falcon (better than the Google Sketchup one below that I found online) and would like to position their model and take a nice snapshot for me, that would be greatly appreciated.




  6. Long time, no posting, everyone!

    Oh well. That previous one is now on the back-burner. I'm not entirely sold on the lay out or the Valks...

    In the mean-time, I've been beating around this one for a bit, and have gotten to the point where I think I'm going to start the digital coloring... As many of you know, I am obsessed with Millia and the VF-9. I think this may be the third or fourth drawing of the two I've done. Wowza.


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