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    ordered 4 from rohby . payment sent. check your paypal..n thanks man yours, aaajin
  2. Hi, just got back from my weekend toy-hunt. I went to all the toy-shops around bukit bintang that you guys mentioned before...and hell my legs are numb now... just FYI, the vf-19a in toy-quest was gone...huhuu ...anyway, I found quite a few toy-shops in City square. One of em is XL-shop and I even met the taukeh there...haha...he's a friendly person..they also have a website dedicated to their store(s) which is XL-shop.com i think... then there's some toy-shops + anime CD/DVD shops near the indoor theme park on level 5 (or is it 4..go check it out~!) they have tons of anime DVDs with excellent quality...and i also found some 1/60 there... ...i bought my mac. zero DVD there and man..they're selling em cheap..RM39.90 (USD 10) for the whole episodes 1+2+3..but they haven't got the 4th episode from their dealer...lucky-2..if not i would be grumbling coz my com. just crayyy-shed....into a ditch~! (outkast song) with all my mac zero + mac. 7 episodes in there... hm...from what i observed...the prices for 1/48s are near their current market price...esp. for the ones that have already sold out... I found a roy at toy-quest 2 for RM680 (USD 178)..and they have a bunch of YF-21 for sale...they also have a 1/48 roy and hikaru displayed... at XL-shop, I found a hikaru which sells for RM 548 (USD 143..quite x-pensive..) and a MAX 1J for RM 698 (USD 182)...they also sell CMs figures:2 WITHOUT the chase figure for RM 98 (USD 24) for the whole set...and the little transformable plastic valks gashapons - set 2 i think..the one with the VF-1J armor (i dunno what they're called but have seen em here).. then, at Lau Yat plaza, there's a toy-shop located on the 1st floor which sells VF-11b fast packs version for RM 350 (USD 91) and a vf-1j MAX for RM 699 (XL shop have em with cheaper price i think..haha... )...and...I cant find the other one which is located at ground floor...maybe they have already moved out or somethin... and last but not least...the shop at BB plaza...the taukeh is not 'quite' freindly but they have a roy selling for RM 800 ...crayyyy - ziee~~ then they have a yf-19, yf-21,vf-11b, a max 1/60 and some 1/60 stuff.....for DISPLAY only....they aren't for sale...but if any of you guys who would like to go there and persuade the taukeh to sell the yf-19..go ahead...i wish you luck~! i think that's all about it...i'll let you guys know if i found any other toy-shop or...what ever-lah related to macross kay lah, aaajin
  3. If you're planning to buy a 1/48 in Malaysia, it would be super expensive...that's just my advice...better buy either from HK or Japan... You can see some of the toy shops around KL here -->Toy Shops In Malaysia. They even have websites, so you can go check the prices for the 1/48.. FYI, the currency conversion is USD 1 = RM 3.825 Good luck~! One more thing though...do any of you guys have dealt with any credible Japan dealers before?I've never bought any of my valks straight from Japan...I just thought it would be cheaper that way.... EDITED : adding the currency conversion
  4. Here it is Tokyo Toy Fair 2002
  5. im in Klang>>Selangor>>Malaysia latitude 3° 8' 0" longitude 101° 20' 46" Thanks aaajin
  6. WTF? that's super cheap man...around USD 50 for a MISB vf-19a...hell i gotta check it out this weekend...as for aarbain...stop! dont you dare step outta your house!! this valk is mine...all mineeee hahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaa........ aarrkghh...these r just some of the simptoms caused by bird-man flu that has been spreading rapidly throughout Malaysia...
  7. aaajin


    I'd like to buy 4 of em...the $5-type. Just how in the hell ima gonna order them?....em...ehem-2...thanks, aaajin
  8. hmm..how much did you buy the vf-19A? (blue yf-19) from Toy-Quest?. Pleasee..PM me the price n I'll see whether ima gonna get another one to accompany the 1st one i bought from zeagle diver Thanks in advance, aaajin
  9. haha...& u think i dont know that?...actually i've bought several valks from ken... and some other stuff too.. i asked just to see whether the valks that they sell here in malaysia are cheaper than the ones that i bought overseas... anyway thanks for the info..i guess its way too expensive to buy em here than abroad... PS : isnt it just looks way too kewl to have 3 A's in your name?..haha aaajin
  10. Hey aarbain nice seeing a fellow m'sian here. Im from klang. did you notice the price of the valks in jayajusco in 1utama? thanks, aaajin
  11. wow...IMHO that looks way so much better than what yamato have for us...
  12. man...that's so sad...I know how it feels to lose the closest companion in your life....I hope you'll have a speedy recovery... :'(
  13. ow... i tot i saw this in a Toy's r Us here in Malaysia...but i didnt check the price though... never knew it would turn up in the forum... aaajin
  14. haha...but does anyone here knows any links to download his songs?...got to hear them esp. during exam weeks...they..hmm...bang~!
  15. Hi there, Finally i found a Malaysian on the board...or maybe 2..is it? dun remember what i just read... I think I read from a toy magz before....there's a toy shop in OU (One Utama) that sells macross stuff too...maybe you should check the directory there...that's all i know.. By the way..I live in Klang...where r u from? know any toy shop near Klang? aaajin
  16. Really?. But last time when I bought a valk from this 'Treasure Island' company, I had no problem dealing with them. They have great service, replies quickly to my e-mails, and the item arrived minty fresh. I dont know whether they screwed up u guys before but with me, they're ok!
  17. thanks VAlk !!! ...hmm...but do any of you guys know where i can get other Macross 7 songs? I've been seraching for them in the internet since yesterday but couldn't find it.. Thanks in advance
  18. Transforming Macross Binoculars Anyone interested to add this to their collection?...looks 'great' especially if you're 10 yrs old and playin combat games at the backyard...
  19. hey...did anyone notice there are already thumbnails of the next Zero series on the website?....episode 4...or is it that I'm already way too late to the party?....lol
  20. one word...awesomee!!!
  21. Yup...tisinc999 is one great place to shop + with low shipping rate. I got my vf-1J 1/48 with shipping cost of only USD 15 with insurance and the packaging was still great. Shipping was fast too...I ordered and paid for it at about 5 pm and they shipped it at about 8-9 pm (dunno how but that's what it said in the shipping summary from ups.com)
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