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  1. 50 minutes each also means that it won't be too short as a movie would have been. This setup gives it as much time as a trilogy, which is what I had been saying from the start would have been enough space to tell this story sufficiently. I still hope someone translates the novels though. I'd really like to read them.
  2. Even though Bandai doesn't say anywhere that it is based on the statue, it very clearly is, just look at the panel lines, and the joints.
  3. Here's the thing though; there is no way they are going to be able to get those kinds of graphics out of the PSP, and if they aren't going to be using HD, HQ models like that then they have no reason to exist; Shinkawa would have just done illustrations, or they would have used PSP level graphics. Plus, I'm pretty sure it was already revealed that Kojima was announcing a PSP/PS3 game(s). I'm of the idea that there will be two games, that may even tie into each other directly.
  4. Firstly, there is no way to know it for sure right now, and secondly that would make no sense as a; In the show canon, there was no REAL Char, he was fabricated by Casval. And b; In the novels/ The Origin the REAL Char is killed when the shuttle he is on explodes. It's more likely that Full Frontal is an actual Char clone.
  5. If you guys look closely, you can see that these new designs have a lot more surface area that isn't just mechanical clutter. They actually have planar surfaces now, that, from where I'm looking, help define their overall shapes better. Even the bots from the first film have been slightly redesigned- they are sleeker, and once again, more solid surface area. Ironhide and Ratchet most notably.
  6. While this is true, you also have to consider the amount that aliens have been mentioned in the show during the last few episodes. Consider also, that one of the themes that S2 has been hitting you in the face with is to "fight for the future, leave the past behind you." This is not just for the characters you see, but for the entire Gundam franchise. It's the director taking a stab at Sunrise for constantly doing the same thing over and over with the Gundam name. He hints at this same idea during the course of the first season as well into the second; where the familiar Gundam tropes are turned on their heads, trying to show how silly they are in realistic setting. The concept of innovators is obviously pulled from Newtypes, but with the Gn particles they manage to actually understand each other as opposed to their UC bound peers, who are used over and over again in for the continuation of conflict. That is how Tomino wanted them to be in the first place (see his novels for this), but they were perverted into the war machines we know in the name of action figure sales. More evidence for my main point is the rather blatant final battle between Setsuna and Ribbons- a battle between the old and the new. Amuro (same VA as Ribbons) in the Gundam vs Setsuna in Exia. And we all saw who won that fight. Mizushima is saying that living in the past brings nothing, and that the future should be embraced, and while this is a good philosophy in general, he also means it specifically for the Gundam franchise. So I would have to say that I think that aliens will be in the 00 movie, and that in this particular timeline they could be pulled off very well.
  7. I don't think that word means what you think it means. I did thoroughly enjoy this film, though. An impeccable adaptation, and a solid piece of cinema to boot. The extended cut will hopefully make the initial exposition a little less dragging, though. With the notable exception of Adrian (for good reason), all the characters were nearly identical to their illustrated counter-parts. Also, it was excessively gorgeous.
  8. I dunno. I'm not a big Guntank fan to say the least, but it didn't look bad at all. Plus Bandai has a habit of making the mechanical/electrical components of their models actually look like scale components of the unit in question, so I'm sure it won't be too bad internally. They're just trying to find a way of making such a seemingly simple kit look more impressive, so they can gouge us on it. Also, independently actual moving cannons is very cool.
  9. There's a video of it somewhere on youtube. It's basically an RC you build.
  10. It totally does, you can google that incident up, and the whole thing was actually recorded. It's crazy lame. Kind of funny though. It's just a drunk dude wearing a trashbag wielding a crutch who hit one guy in the head, and he was barely even hurt. Robbing a 7 11 with a batleth is way further out there.
  11. Supposedly, these are just caps from some new pachinko machine. No need to start more speculation until more information is released.
  12. Spose that's more true than anything I've considered, lol. They could just leave all these things totally up in the air.
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