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  1. My somewhat large list of items for sale. I've been on MW for quite a while, just haven't been very active lately. I'm on the Straight Shooters List All boxes are C9-9.5 with minor corner wear unless specified. Shipping from Canada via Canada Post. LMK if you would like another method. I can ship to US and Canada, mostly. For international shipping, there are a few countries that Canada Post currently provides tracking to at the moment. However, package weight must be less than 2 kg. Over 2 kg or some other countries have no tracking. Paypal as gift or +4%. All prices are pre-shipping. PM me your location and I can provide you a shipping price. I'll try to post all pics whenever I can. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bandai Macross 1/55 VF-1S Roy Super $160 - New Yamato Macross Plus 1/72 YF-21 Ver 1 $30 - used complete, stress marks on one flap, and paint chip on leg. Bandai DX Chogokin GD-99 Aquarion $330 - MIB Transformed once, then stored back in box. Bandai Soul of Chogokin GX-13 Dancouga $300 - MISB (slight dent in corners) Gundam FIX Figuration 0003 Zephyranthes - MIB $30 Gundam FIX Figuration 0007 G-3 G-Armor - MIB $60 Gundam FIX Figuration 0010 RX-78 GP04G Gerbera - MIB $50 (gun handle has 1 cm glue residue from manufacturer, about 5mm) Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 02 - MIB $30 Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 01 - MISB $40 Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 02 - MISB $40 Gundam FIX Figuration 0012 Gundam Mk II 03 - MISB $35 (top flap has some edge wear) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for looking!
  2. pre-orders were up at gundamplanet (OOS now), http://www.gundampla...tmare-plus.html pre-order price was $166.95
  3. thanks, btw nice collection of figures and pics
  4. Hi MWers, Long time MW member, but haven't kept up with the toy releases for a while ... For the latest valkyrie toy releases by Bandai (DX Chogokin) and Yamato (1/60, 1/48 perfect transformation series), Does the knee bend > 90 degrees? Curious to know if they can do kneeling poses and such. So far I've looked at video reviews and website reviews and haven't found any showing kneeling poses. Thanks!
  5. A couple of questions: 1) A related question to Vepariga's: at the end of MF movie 2, why did Alto decide to eject from the YF-29 and leave with the Vajra? 2) Was Brera's YF-27 developed by the Macross Galaxy techs or from Vajra technology? Is it one of a kind?
  6. Does the knee bend > 90 degrees? Just wondering if it can do kneeling poses like the gundam robot Damashiis. I've checked the videos and none of them showed it as being able to.
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