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  1. I really like the effect parts you made for the VF-25S zoffy. They look great.

    Do you plan to build additional parts for the other missile pods?

    On a second thought that might be not a good idea because you wouldn't be able to see Ozma with all that missile fume. ^_^

    I was planning to make additional effects for it, but my attention has shifted primarily to customizing action figures nowadays. After the RVF-25 arrives, I'm out of the Macross collecting game for good... thank god. lol

  2. Depending on the type of cabinet you're using, it usually helps to ditch the stock display stand if you're cramped for space (especially if you have detolfs). I was able to maximize space on my Mac F shelf by making a fighter mode storage rack... I can actually fit 4 VF-25's on it including the Armored VF-25S in fighter mode (on the bottom of course due to its weight). The RVF-25 has a reserved space waiting on the rack right now. ;)


  3. Glad most of us got something in with a proven Valk store even if it is at a slightly inflated price. Gonna keep that HF order open out of curiousity and because I'm apparently a dirty supporter of piracy! :)

    Gonna keep an eye on hlj though because principles! ...but mainly I just want that sweet sweet discount.

    I'm actually giving NY a rest this time and waiting on the HF preorder right there with you, man. If it doesn't go through, I've already decided to just get a V1 RVF and call it a day on Mac F collecting. If it does though, and HF turns out to be a reliable dealer, it's a win-win for us because we'll know we have a source with great prices right in our backyards! ;)

  4. Nippon Yasan will come through on every order with only as many hiccups as any other legit online retailer would have. I've been "praising" them since the VF-25 Super Parts originally dropped, and there were plenty of "principled" fans who insisted on waiting for HLJ, Ami Ami, etc. due to NY's markup system. Now look where everyone is shopping. :)

  5. Hahah...didn't realize exactly how close they are to me. Just across the Bay Bridge. I can drive there in like 20 minutes!

    We should actually call them up and ask if pick up is an option. I'll meet you there for a high 5 if they actually deliver on the orders. :)

  6. "No problem, I'm gone."

    Crap... I just made a fresh tub of popcorn too. Oh well. :)

    Even if Hobbyfan turns out to be funky in any way, they're located in Emeryville, CA. All of us Bay Area Macross fans can organize a march on them if they pull anything funny. lol

  7. I remember way back when I thought a TV V2 1/60 VF-1S would be good enough for my collection... now I own every Yamato V2 1/60 that Hikaru spent significant time in (except for his training VF-1J that I just don't like the color of). You're on a slippery slope of madness if you expose yourself to a V2 1/60, but ultimately I'd probably say his red/white VF-1J would be a good one time buy if you have enough self control to just buy one.

  8. I own an 0S and an Ivanov SV-51... bought both used, and while I LOVE the look of them, every time I get the urge to want to handle the valks I have to prep myself with some meditation since I know stuff will be flying off left and right, flopping around, etc. The wings on my SV-51 will not hold their "up" position at all when fully loaded; tried super glue to thicken them up... no help. And as far as the 0S in Gerwalk, it's not that you need to have the intakes disconnected in that mode, they will just always want to disconnect on their own whenever you handle it in that mode. Ultimately, I ended up putting bits of quakehold putty on the 0S to make it hold together a lot better. Right now, they both pretty much stay in fighter mode in my display and look great; just prepare for a frustrating "play" experience whenever you take one out.

  9. It's a bit messed up to say, but there is always hope in the sense that there are always going to be divorces, lay offs, etc. happening in the collector community. Sad way to get your hands on something, but ultimately it's helping someone in need out.

  10. You have zero evidence. Which means you are speculating because you're pissed off. But if you don't want to shop at HLJ based on a conspiracy theory, be my guest.

    QFT. Retailers don't owe us a damn thing, folks. The sooner folks realize it, the better off everyone will be. Collecting is a pain in the ass. Get out if you can't deal with it.

  11. Props to Ultraman Zoffy for a seamless transaction on a DX yf-29.

    Knowing how scratch prone these things are I was worried, but when He said it was Pristine without a single scratch, he meant it!

    Not only that, he even resealed the box to protect the Valk during shipping :D/>

    Would buy from again! Thanks Zoffy :D/>


    Thanks Duy! Quality buyer right there folks! Enjoy your new YF-29...

  12. Hey folks,

    Selling off the odd man out from my Macross Frontier collection to make display room for the RVF! My Alto Durandal has only been transformed twice and is in great shape. Will come complete with all accessories. Selling for **SOLD TO DUYMON** within the 48 states (International buyers pay additional shipping costs). Paypal as personal gift and Straight Shooters only! Thanks.gallery_14163_553_827292.jpggallery_14163_553_858153.jpggallery_14163_553_835477.jpg

  13. I know for a fact that I won't be interested in changing modes with the RVF, so I'm on the lookout for a decent price on either a V1 or V2... if I can get a V1 on the cheap, I'll be happy not having to do the pre-order dance on a renewal.

    ... and on that note, anyone have a V1 RVF with super parts you want to unload to free up funds for a renewal? =)

  14. Hey folks,

    Selling an extra 30th Anniversary Super/Strike with Option parts set I picked up from HLJ recently. Brand new, never opened.... was going to mount these on my Cavalier, but my display setup is busting at the seams already and I can't fit the valk with parts in without making unwanted revisions... lol. Price is exactly what I paid with HLJ, $75 shipped within U.S. Will ship international for extra fee.


  15. what display case is that in that top picture (the bottom two pics appear to be modified detolfs)

    We got these cases at a used retail fixture warehouse, so there isn't really a brand that I can refer you to. The shelving rails were added on as a mod by the original owner in order to turn the case into a front loading type with glass doors; front door glass display cases are pretty hard to find if you don't want to pay for a brand new or custom one, so we lucked out on these. Definitely comb your local used fixture store though, since there's always some hidden gems there.

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