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  1. Hi folks, selling off my incoming set of VF-25F Renewal Tornado Parts from Nippon Yasan! Really wanted to keep these but I've decided to divert funds into some SDCC exclusives purchases instead. The parts are on their way as we speak from Nippon Yasan (will provide the tracking number and everything to anyone interested), and if sold they will remain unopened in the original NY packaging and sent out immediately to the buyer upon their arrival to my house. I've done this type of transaction before (recently for an Arcadia YF-19 from HLJ) and everything went smoothly.

    Selling the set for exactly what I paid for it from NY, $103 shipped USPS First Class within the continental US. I've dealt with numerous folks on the MW forums and have been straight shootered each time, so buy with confidence! =)

  2. Screen accurate or not, I'm sure it was appreciated by some to have another possible source to get their hands on the TV colored super parts set. Not sure how available the standalone TV Super Parts set or the TV VF-1S w/ SP sets were (which is where I got my set), but I do know I saw quite a few TV SP VF-1J sets for sale during my V2 1/60 VF-1 hunting days.

  3. Shipping notice from HLJ here too, but only because I forgot to cancel my pre-order! Ugh... been out of the Macross game for a while now, so if anyone needs a YF-19, I'll be selling mine for what I paid shipped here on the forum as soon as it comes in (still in the HLJ shipping box even! lol). Awesome toy, don't get me wrong, but I'm just fully into collecting and customizing Marvel figures nowadays. =)

  4. Seeing as he used a War Machine fig for the body of his Stick figure, smart money says Rook's head most likely came from a Pepper fig. It does look a lot like Gwynneth Paltrow, frankly.

    The head is actually from an Avengers Assemble Black Widow. There's never been a 3.75" scale Pepper Potts figure made to my knowledge... but yeah, anyone can flip this head into a Potts custom super easy. =)

  5. I don't really make it onto MW much anymore since I've transitioned more into Marvel figure collecting and customizing, but I thought this would be fun to post. I've been wanting to do customs of Macross and Mospeada characters with Marvel Universe line articulation for a while, and this is the first one out of the gate. Custom Mospeada Stick live action movie concept figure I made yesterday... I dug out the old Matchbox helmet and bike, and they're perfectly in scale with him. Still need to finish a few details on him (shoulder insignias and sculpt his chest armor more) and also going to give the helmet and bike a good custom repaint once over, but he's more or less done. Rook is up next. Enjoy!

    @Jenius - I'm actually interested in that Megahouse figure if you still have it. PM me and let me know what you're asking for it. I'll be down in the bay area at some point this week, so maybe I can pick it up if you're around... =)






  6. My Alto VF-171 failed at the knee/swivel joint, and I'm wondering if its due to a similar issue as the one above... it locked up, and I had to force it to get it freed up, so the leg has got a gap in the shin area now. Planning to just cover it with the armor parts later. lol

  7. Start with watching the various Macross series and movies, see which ones resonate with you, then research the toys associated with the specific series you enjoy. If you end up liking them all, a prayer for your finances might also be helpful.

  8. I'm giving Hobbyfan until 6/14 to send a notification or update... if nothing shows up from them, I'll go with my NY order. I find it hard to believe that retailers have no idea how many units of something they're going to get?

  9. Anyone receive a notice from Hobbyfan yet? I got my NY notice, but if Hobbyfan comes through, it'd save me a good chunk of change going with that pre-order instead of NY.

    ... something tells me HF won't be able to come through though.

  10. Selling off my beloved Yamato Danguard Ace to help pay for some home projects. Figure has never been transformed and is in great "display only" shape, EXCEPT the very tip of his helmet had to be reglued on due to an old display fall (i.e. a Marvel Legends fig fell on him... lol). Does not detract from how awesome this bot is though.

    Will come fully complete in original box. Stickers have been carefully applied. Selling for $265 OBO plus shipping, paypal as gift only. Thanks for looking!




  11. Did you sell the max without the super packs.?!?! It's you then from the post I saw that had a max for sale WITHOUT the packs......?!?! eBay was it?? If it was you then you are a clever man!!! Lol. Looks pretty cool!!

    Yeah, that was me... I always had it in the back of my head that if I needed to sell any of my VF-1's off, the Max VF-1J would go first, but I'd keep the super parts and slap them on my Virgin Road. Personally, I don't feel I like I lost anything out of my collection after the sale. :D

  12. I was going to get one 1/48, but after this I am having second thoughts.

    Depends on what your goal is... if you like to handle and pose your toys like I do, I wouldn't recommend it compared to a 1/60 V2. If you're more of a "curator" type who sticks them in a display and is done with it, the 1/48's display really well. I picked up the 1/48 Stealth VF-1J because I love the color scheme, but the overall unwieldiness of the toy with the super/strike parts on it just blows. But, like I said, boils down to what folks like to do with their stuff.

  13. I own one 1/48 valk, and while it's cool and all, it is just way too frustrating to handle. Got to the point where I ended up using quake putty to actually firm it up enough so that stuff wasn't always flying off or flopping around whenever I picked it up. Was that typical of 1/48's in general? Or did some valks fare better than others in that scale?

    Oh, and fk missiles on the 1/48's too. So so frustrating. lol...

  14. It's actually just a matter of changing interests... I've just gotten way more into action figure collecting since Hasbro and Diamond Select have been stepping up their game the last few years. Valks will always be "nice" to own for me, but they aren't as "fun" to own for me due to their price point and difficulty to acquire. I'm having way more fun chopping up and modding $10-20 dollar figs than I do chasing down $200-400 valks that I handle maybe twice a month and am too afraid of scratching paint or loosening joints to fully enjoy. I had set goals going into Macross, and after the RVF, they'll be met. :)

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