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  1. The only Hikaru VF-1S in this sale is the 1:48 re-issue, the 1:60v2s are all VF-1A. My 1:60v2 VF-1S Hikaru from last sale doesn't have shoulder issue, but it has old style crotch lock.

    Ahhh... my bad, the Hikaru 1/60 VF-1S isn't on sale... in any case, it's cheap enough for me to buy anyways, but without knowing for sure whether it's okay or not is a sale-killer for me.

  2. So I guess it's basically a "buyer beware" situation if ordering any of the valks known to have the shoulder hinge issues? Unless they somehow inspected each item individually, I feel like it's kind of a bummer to knowingly sell those. I'd love to grab a Hikaru VF-1S, but the words "inevitable" and "cracking" keep preventing me from it. :(

  3. $70 shipped in continental US.

    if it is this you are looking for:


    my brother has it and wants to get rid of it. he says he never used it.

    let me know if pic is too dark, i'll go over there and use my camera

    Hi Chowser,

    Paypal sent for the super strike parts to your brother! Thanks for the sale... I'll be sure to post some feedback up for you once the transaction is finalized and the parts get to me.

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