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  1. Hi folks! Selling off a brand new, just arrived from Angolz Hi-Metal R Macross VF-1S Strike Valkyrie (Roy Focker Special) valk, still bubble wrapped in original exclusive box (and still in original delivery packaging from Angolz!). I had pre-ordered this thing last year and forgotten about it, and during that I also stopped collecting Macross stuff in general, so I've no need for it.

    Not looking to make a profit at all, just trying to break even. Price is $136 SOLD TO JVMacross! shipped (exactly my invoiced amount from Angolz) within CONTUS, paypal only, sent as gift or buyer pays fees. Can supply pics, but I'm posting this from work and don't have the package to take pics of at the moment. I am on straight shooters though and have smooth transactions with a lot of fellow MWorlders! Thanks!

  2. Hello MW folks,

    Due a very recent family tragedy, I'm selling off a few of the valks from my small collection to help take the edge off of some upcoming unavoidable expenses. Letting these birds go is tough, but taking care of my family always trumps my hobby no matter what. More valks may follow soon depending on the circumstances, but here is what I have for starters. Despite the situation, shipping will be normal and prompt as always to the buyer as I don't believe in letting my hardships affect the transaction like it tends to do for other users. Also, if the prices seem unreasonable, I respect your opinion, but I unfortunately have to do what I can to make ends meet and try to at least break even on what I paid for these. Prices include shipping within CONTUS, buyer pays via paypal either as gift or covers the 4% paypal fee. I'm open to buyers outside of CONTUS, but will require additional shipping and insurance costs. Looking for STRAIGHT SHOOTERS on MW. Thanks

    Up first...

    1) Yamato V2 1/60 Miriya VF-1J (No super parts) - One of my most prized valks for obvious reasons, she is in great shape, but has a small tiny paint nick on her chin, as well as scratched paint on her shoulder tabs typical on the painted VF-1J's. These were on her coming from the seller that I bought her from, and during the 3 times I've transformed her since displaying her (inside glass case, no direct sunlight, mostly dust free), I've always done my best to make sure not to make the scratches worse. Please note, she will NOT be coming with her super parts or armor. However, all other accessories (missiles, pilot, gun pod, etc) will be included, and she will ship in her original, good condition box. No Yamato shoulder problems on this valk, as the MM VF-1J's are on the "safe" list that did not have that issue. Price is $290 shipped.




    2) Yamato V2 1/60 VE-1 Elintseeker - This one is a very painful sale as well, as I just recently bought this from Mass Driver to "re-complete" my small valk collection. =( In any case, I am not trying to make a profit on it, and am only selling it for exactly what I paid to MD. Valk is in great condition, and will include all accessories and original box. SOLD


  3. It's a bummer they never got around to a VT-1 reissue with so many folks missing that particular valk. Glad I was able to knock that bird and the other hard to find ones off my list before getting out of the Macross game. As it stands, I'm happy with what I managed to collect when I was in. =)


  4. Hello Macross peeps, it's been a while! Finally got around to putting my small but effective valk display (all Hikaru valks, M&M's, and double seaters only!) back up after buying and moving into a new house, so I thought I'd come out of retirement and share a crappy pic on MW with you all. I'd sold off my VE-1 a while ago to help with moving expenses, but since everything has settled down, I was able to pick one up from Mass Driver to make my double seater collection complete once again. I'll eventually make the poses more dynamic and add the weapon effects back on like the old days, but for now it's just nice to have my prized valkyries out once again in my new toy room/museum! Happy holidays everyone. =)


  5. The tax man is coming down on me with a hammer this year, so I'm putting up one of my favorites to help ease the burden. Selling off my Yamato V2 Elintseeker; it's been on display in gerwalk for several years now, and is in great shape with no known issues. Pic below is of it in my display (where it will be until someone buys it). Missiles in image will not be included. $350 plus shipping SOLD, paypal only (as gift or buyer pays fees).
    Also still for sale is a 1/60 V2 VF-1S Hikaru with Super/Strike set (also in photo). $250 shipped, weapon effects not included.


  6. Thanks Mechapilot! I still have the Macross love in full force, but changing focus to action figure customizing and also running out of display space has made me revamp my collecting habits. I do have the Arcadia reissue armored VF-1J set on preorder though since I've been wanting another 1J for a while. =) I'm just glad that I was able to get the exact valks i wanted while I was focused on Macross, especially the super rares.

  7. Hi everyone,

    Thinning out my Macross herd a bit since my collecting focus has moved onto primarily Marvel figure collecting and customizing. Selling the following valks:

    V2 1/60 VF-1A Cavalier: Transformed to battloid once then put in my display and never transformed again. No stickers applied, excellent condition, complete with all parts - $230 shipped SOLD on ebay

    V2 1/60 VF-1S Hikaru with Super Strike Parts: Great condition, shoulder pins were removed and smoothed when I originally got it to prevent the hinges from cracking. Only stickers applied were to the fast packs (the red skull squad circle logo); all other stickers still on sheet. Will NOT include weapon effects shown in image. Will come with all original accessories. $250 shipped within CONTUS SOLD to Engrish!

    Paypal only (buyer pays fees or sends as gift), straight shooter list buyers only. International buyers will pay additional shipping costs. PM with any questions! Thanks =)


  8. Wanted one of these to continue my 2-seater valk streak, but this price is just too insane for my budget. I'll just keep on the lookout for the inevitable "I bought 'x' amount of these valks!!" folks fire selling their multiples in the BST thread once wives start finding out how much these things cost. lol

  9. "Should not be doing any DIY-ing on either at those pricing."
    Depends on why a person collects I guess... I don't really look at my toys in terms of dollar value, so I have no qualms about modding them based on my preferences or needs, but I understand folks being afraid to if they aren't knowledgeable in customizing. Definitely wouldn't use a $200+ dollar toy to learn on. =) That being said, it seriously is insanely easy to just paint that thing.
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