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  1. Well I'm totally getting one and even if this thing or that thing isn't perfect I'm going to enjoy the EXPERIENCE of building this neat little kit and seeing all the things it can do. I'll snap it together, transform it, pose it, decide how it looks best and then fix or detail what I think needs fixing and detailing (probably nothing more than some panel lines, unless they fix the ones that dead-end on the chest), take it apart and paint it up. I am somewhat on the fence with the super/strike pack but I'll probabaly get it. I'm not going to preorder so I'll get the chance to see the final c
  2. Those bumps on the side of the nose look like AOA (Angle of Attack) Indicators to me. You can see something about the same on real F-16s. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b281/drhornii/F-16C%20138th%20OK%20ANG/AOA.jpg Look at the bump right in front of the "DO NOT PAINT" stencil. That's about exactly where the bumps are on the Bandai VF-1. Not digging the battroid. The Hasegawa battroids are pretty skinny, too. I know they're not as bad as this prototype but the first time I saw one I was like, Whaaaaaaa??? Hopefully they'll keep refining. It's actually pretty cool of Bandai to make this al
  3. I agree but if they don't sell out, you might wait for BLACK FRIDAY. They've had free shipping deals on and off on Black Friday. Man I wish they had done the F-2B instead of the A since it would make it stand out even more from the F-16. I really like the two-tone blue maritime scheme they wear IRL.
  4. I'm a little confused by "Acadegawa"??? I REALLY like your method of uneven gloss, that really does replicate real aircraft finishes. I'm guessing you spray extra flat on the panel lines like with post-shading, right?
  5. Come on down for as long as you can. You can check out the models on display, catch a presentation and enter the raffle. You don't have to be present to win for the raffle so if you win we can hold your prize for you.
  6. Next weekend Those Gundam Guys are hosting our second annual Gundam Model Competition. So yeah, the emphasis is on Gundam but myself and seevral others are Macross fans. There were about 8 of us at MW Con and I'd like to invite anyone interested in Mecha and modeling and especially the Customs builders to come on down. We do have a category for non-Gundam mecha. I'll be entering the VF-1D Super Valk I brought to Macross World Con. http://funakatown.co...d-minmay-guard/ It's Saturday November 17 at the Holiday Inn in Fullerton, CA. It goes from 9am until 4pm. There will be a raffle full of mo
  7. I'm not a regular on the MW Forums and as a model builder I kind of trip out on people taking "toys" like the Yamato Valks and treating them like models by modding and repainting them and then doing weathering, etc... There's a whole spectrum of model builders out there and the rivet-counting IPMS-type model builders probabaly wouldn't let the customized Yamato/Bandai/Whatever "toy" Valks into their contests. I'm less concerned with things like that, although I would (strictly in terms of contest judging, not in terms of whether I personally think it is cool or impressive) knock anything tha
  8. I went with the grey roundels because I thought the red would be too harsh against the relatively pale blue of the color scheme. Unfortunately they do get kind of lost. I used pieces from both the PE that comes with the VF-1D and the separate Hasegawa aftermarket set. Both sets are different and have parts that the other one doesn't have. In the middle of the build I picked up a Jasmine set but I'm saving that for a future build. Thanks for the feedback!
  9. I started posting my work in progress here in 2011 but I can't even find it any more... I'm going to bring it Macross World Con and hopefully get it signed! I finally finished it after 2 years of on and off work: Follow the link to a bunch of pictures... http://funakatown.co...d-minmay-guard/ At the bottom of that page is a link to the full WIP.
  10. Sweet! I begged the Macross guy at Bandai for a 1/32 scale PG Super Valk at Anime Expo but I'll take 1/72. Having just finished a Hasegawa Valk and picked up the Wave Valk I'll be very interested to see what Bandai does. I figure it will be like HGUC-quality (not sure if anybody here build Gundam ???) Now if I can just get somebody to IMPORT them so I don't have to pay the @$%!# yen conversion and shipping...
  11. Well, I swore I had a thread going here but now I don't see it... Anyway, here's the latest: I added some detail to the main thrusters as well as the reactor missile thrusters, which were just a flat plate: Then I went to work painting the cockpit. It's like a kit in and of itself. You have to paint it, then clearcoat it. Then decal it. The clearcoat it. Then do a wash. Then clearcoat it. Then drybrush it. Did it all in a weekend of short spurts of work followed by waiting for clearcoats to dry. Those hasegawa decals are THICK it took a lot of MicroSol just to get them to stay in place,
  12. Well, I kind of disappeared with this project... A big part of that is just life getting in the way. In the last few weeks I've had to fight with my insurance company and the body shop that didn't fix my car right to get them to fix it right. I've also battled a colony ants that moved into my bedroom wall. I've had to study for a promotional job interview (I got the job!). I've had to do online traffic school. I took a test in the class I’m taking and I made an "Intro to Mecha Modeling" presentation to the local IPMS club. But also, I'm just to the point of fixing the 20-odd seam lines on this
  13. I think the decals really make it. Not sure which version I like the most. However I'll wait and see if I can get it cheap or at a con or something as I just don't want to pay the full price with shipping for such a small/simple kit. Though I do like the idea of the simplicity of the build where you can focus your effort on the paint/decals. BTW... do we know if these are stickers or waterslide decals? I've been assuming they were waterslides but now I'm not so sure.
  14. I decided to switch over to the full pictorial mode and put the whole update here... So, one of the last things I have to do before I start priming is to retract the rear wheels. To do this I had to modify the "legs" is to add a plastic shim inside the wheel well to support the rearmost gear door otherwise it just falls into the wheel well. Up front, I had to cut out the support from the landing light mount. The landing light is like a third landing gear door that opens forward so that the landing light can shine forward. Unlike the actual landing gear doors that fit pretty good in the well,
  15. Hello! My name is Dan I go by Funaka online. I posted about this build on the Hobby Fanatics forums and member PetarB suggested I visit this forum and post my work here as well. I mostly build Gundam kits, but that's because there are more Gundam kits and they're generally easier to build compared to Macross kits. But I LOVE Valkyries and I'm finally getting over the lazies and building one. I'm combining Hasegawa'a VF-1D and Super VF-1A kits to create a Super VF-1D. I'm going to use the Hasegawa Minmay Guard decal set on it and come up with a custom paint scheme for it. Here's what I have so
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