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  1. If you rather have the original paintwork, both DS-01 and DS-02 can be had at ~300 yuan (US$45) on TaoBao. Shipping to US may add another US$20+ maybe. This is not a strong seller.
  2. I thought they provide this as a service for overseas customers? They will back the project on your behalf, for a small $200 handling fee, and that is excluding shipping.
  3. Oh yes there is. After all the gung-ho size talk, the practicality of storage prevails. Since this is Zeta Toys with its size fetish, I think this will be Constructor-sized. This is already pretty big.
  4. Bobby Skullface brought up something I didn't consider: that HasLab would proceed even if it didn't hit 8,000 backers. Don't think it would be the case, but it is a possibility.
  5. Zeta teases only the head now. But from their quote, I think they have more in mind. They play a pun on the word "head" in Chinese. (It is hard to start [head] any thing, every thing starts with the head.)
  6. Somehow, the 27" Lewin MP-01 is sold at US$190 on TaoBao. This gives an idea the material and manufacturing cost -- since they can skip 99% of the design and engineering. Also, I don't think it is a high volume product.
  7. To avoid giving their engineering secrets away before launch, especially to KO companies. I imagine a smaller Unicorn will be quite popular.
  8. I'm amazed they still need 8,000 backers at this price point.
  9. I'm thinking more of a freelance designer, where the price is agreed upfront. I'm guessing low-thousands for the prototype. It need not be fully functional.
  10. IMO, it's doable, even if you don't have any expertise and all you have is money -- but you better have some. First is the design. Next is the prototype. Followed by the molds. And finally, creating the parts and assembling the figure. When you break it down like that, you realize you just need to pay others (experts) to do the work. What you need to ensure is that you can make a profit or at least break even at the end. How much does each of the steps cost? No idea. I can guess, but I have no idea how wildly away I am. (I don't think the first two steps will cost more than $5k.)
  11. The Ultimate Introductory Guide has instructions to download from a file sharing website. Not difficult, just tedious. The last time I did it (a couple of years ago), I didn't want to install any programs on my PC, so I downloaded the parts one by one.
  12. I don't know if you are lumping all brick makers together, because it is legal to make Lego compatible bricks. We can use TaoBao to infer who is infringing. Lepin, Lele, Bela, Decool and SY are all banned for foreign buyers. FansToys was banned for a short while too, but it seems to be okay now. Transformers KO makers (note: not 3P) are more savvy and have not copied sets as-is.
  13. The owner was arrested and you called it 'a small victory'? It is a major blow. Has the Gundam KO maker recovered? Its owner was arrested as well. Even if Lepin comes back, it will not be able to use exact box art and have 1:1 sets. The October court ruling was very clear on that. (This is why the police could only act on October 2018.)
  14. Still milking the MP-10 mold? I thought MP-44 would be out by then. Repaints are inevitable.
  15. I noticed that we have moderation actions: hide and delete. I tried out 'hide' in the Test forum. It works, but then I can't find my post to unhide?
  16. Takara sacrifices too much in the name of articulation and their so-called toon accuracy -- which is only accurate from certain angles only. (MP-45) The feet looks unfinished. It's so lazy. I'm out. I like the chibi vehicle mode, though.
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