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  1. Will you please shoot a video if you decide to throw it against the wall.
  2. :lol: Both those posts were to good to pass up without a laugh!
  3. This toy looks quite amazing. Depending on how much I can get how many for. I might just get them. Although, after seeing that pic a couple posts up of the MF Alto figure (which I had forgotten I had put a pre order in), that is a beauty.
  4. If I had known about the Josh review I would have probably said the same of him. That does totally blow that you local store charges ridiculous prices. But feel good that you can actually go in somewhere and purchase one. A lot of us do not even have that opportunity. And that makes us very sad.
  5. OUCH! Blasphemy is a gift of mine. LOL Back to the topic. I am wondering how long it will take them to come out with the stand alone armor? Anyone got a good guess? Edit - Okay. I just looked at the Yamato site myself. I guess I'm a bit confused. I see this stand alone armor set and then at the end of the photo zoomer pics it has all those shaving cream missile pics. So are the shaving cream missiles exclusive? Are all those pics also for the stand alone set?
  6. You said exclusive 2 times in that sentence. It must be super exclusive. Nah. Just jokes. I am sure they will come out with the stand alone set as well. They will make a killing off it, and they know it.
  7. This could have been much much cooler. Interesting to see them using the "regular" 1J Hikaru w/o the grey visor. DAMN!!! I agree. I hate this "exclusive" crap too. Except for the clear SP covers. Those are pretty damn cool. I agree on this as well. Maybe someone out there/here will do a wash on them and make them look so damn good that we change our minds. ME TOO!
  8. I can't believe he threw it against the wall. Now that is just dumb. Getting angry at something enough to throw it at the wall? I hope his significant other never pisses him off. Edit - So far, this thread is f*ing hilarious! Thanks for the good humor all.
  9. Amazing job on those panel lines. You used a gundum marker or diluted paint? They both look good. And some good shots too. Don't forget about the Strike A Pose thread.
  10. If you want. You can send it to me. And I can take some amazing shots for the boards. I know. Yeah right.
  11. Thank you. I am hoping to encourage more posing out of people. I would like to see if anyone out there can strike some outrageous poses with a 1/60 DX VF-25.
  12. WHAT!?! If so. PLEASE PLEASE Strike A Pose! Oh my. I cannot wait for mine.
  13. 1J had to step down. "ALL HAIL MINMEI!!!" I am thinking of something new to do for a pose. Just have not finalized my thoughts yet.
  14. I really like your Focker pics! And the EVA one is interesting. I like it too!
  15. HOLY $hit. I hope you heal soon.
  16. I can already hear "Planet Dance"!!! This has been turning out to be a great year to be a Macross fan!
  17. It's okay that it's not hear quite yet. I don't have my payment ready for mine yet.
  18. How is it that Sheryl always seems to come out on top
  19. Well so far this thread is very entertaining. Thanks for the humor guys. I chose Minmei. She annoys me but there's just something about her. I think I like her singing best too.
  20. Overall I really enjoyed the movie. There were some corny parts (of course) but all in all I liked it.
  21. That is one awesome pose! I wish I could afford a Beagle while still trying to afford all the VF-1.
  22. Yes. A great job on this Dante74. I wish I had this kind of skill. I cannot wait to see your next project.
  23. Yes. Very well put together site. Great job! Can someone shed some more light on this VF-1J Battlecry?
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