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  1. coming in on this as a total newb...

    But I think that HG can't use the VF-4 in Battroid because it had to be designed specifically for the PS1 Macross VFX in 1997. If their contract only covers the Macross TV series, then they can't touch them (pending the outcome of the derivatives issue) those rights are most definately Bandai because the design only exist for the two game lines and nowhere else.

    If what people say is true and that the YF-4 couldn't transform because of a "malfunction", thats reallly pathetic that they got around that through such a stupid plot hole.

    On Yamato... my compeltely un eduacated opinion is that they have been building "DYRL" Valkyries from that line art rather than the TV series line art. Im not too sure but I guess that gets them around the whole Macross TV issue, as the line arts could be considred different? Im not too sure about that.... but that might be my hunch. If it is true though the HG can keep the TV series... I'd take a Hikaru Strike Valk anyday.

  2. Well it is a matter of personal taste. When I was reading through them, I noticed that Tolkien tends to be quite wordy and while it certainly is beautiful, I can see how it would put some people off.

    accessively wordy and poorly written are two different things. You may be put off by the style of writing, but to claim it is poorly written is something else entirely. Would I classify Hamlet as being poorly written because it uses Elizabeathen English?

  3. During the second world war the the Wermacht started taking damaged tanks (most of the time the turrent and the gun still operated but the drive train was smashed), fitted them in fixed positions within citites (called Festung) and used them as fixed turrents to defend against tanks. Made the tanks completely vulnerable but in time of war what can you do. I think the same thing happened here. I bet there were often damaged units which legs or engines didn't work so they just made them fixed turrents.

  4. I will grant Peter Jackson this:

    He made two (and soon to be three) very entertaining films out of a trilogy of books that I couldn't stand reading past the sixth chapter. The novels are, in my opinion, poorly written and very, very slow.

    Jackson took that material and managed to lose most of the excess baggage while keeping the spirit and story in one cohesive unit.

    I'm sorry for going into this thread that is so horribly OT... but I had to point this out.

    Possibly the greatest english author of all time, the Lord of the Rings was voted yesterday in a BBC poll as the most readable book in English history, Tolkien was professor in English in Oxford, helped edit the Oxford english dictionary, and designed his own language

    ...and he is poorly written....


    Its arguable whether or not PJ is a good director. He had one of the greatest works of all time to work with. I think its a LOT harder to say that the Lord Of the Rings is a poorly written book.

  5. There is one HUGE advantage the VF-1 has over the SV-51... Unlimited Range. In 1944 when the Me262 Strumvogel came out, the allies new they couldn't touch it with the P-51 or P-47s. But they realized that the fighter could only do a few passes before it was nearly out of fuel. So they let the 262 do their damage and then waited until they were returing to base, and then picked them off. Since they were out of fuel... they couldn't manuver and were easy targets. Seeing that we know the VF-0 has a fuel guzzling problem, it is likely that the SV-51 has the same problem... a smart VF-1 pilot will just parry his attacks and wait till the SV-51 has to return to base, then deliver the coup de grace.

  6. The 75 was the largest but I think they were thinking of putting a short barreled 88 on Ju88

    The 75 on the HS was actually better designed than its Ju-88 counterpart as its ejected blast Gasess underneath the aircraft rather than sideways where they interferred with the airscrew blades (stalling the aircraft) the HS didn't have a stalling problem, it could fire 30 rounds per minute (thats insane) or four per pass.

    Most B-3s did not carry the BK 75mm , they carried the BK 3.7mm.

  7. Not the B-3 armed with the 75mm, all indications show that most of the 50 to 60 aircraft went to the east. and From what I can tell, there was only a short time when the HS 129 were in north africa/sardinia, (and they were armed with a MK-101, which was a puny gun), then they were all removed to go to the east for operation Zitadelle at Kursk. I can't find any mention of going back. But when it was there it had a tan with leopard spots on the top, sky blue on the bottom with a white identification stripe.

  8. Well the Box art makes it possible it could be a HS-129, Buuutt

    the HS-129 B-3 never was deployed to north africa, and it was September 1944 before they first got it. It could of been an Romanian HS129, but they never got a B-3 either, though they did operate in the south of Russia...so someone either made up some fictional scene... ooor its not the Henchel. (but I too think it could be the Henchel )

  9. Spiteful/ Seafang was a beautiful plane... truly a beautiful way to finish the Spitfire line. One fighter I'd put up against it is the Do-335, which could be fastest prop fighter ever designed. It was Claude Dornier's masterpiece.. and an really smart design

    Back on topic

    It could be the JU-87 G2, it had two 37 mm Cannons under the wings in pontoons. The Me-210/410 also had a underslung cannon, I think it was a 37 as well.

    The HS-129 normally did not carry the 75 MM cannon, most of the time it carried either bombs or a smaller 30 mm cannon. Less than 60 were probably producded carrying the 75 MM cannon. As a side note, the HS-129 almost didn't happen. The first version was SEVERLY underpowered and the small cockpit that gave pilots poor vision and headaches.

  10. Storywise, I'll give you that, robotech is not a story worth following, and since it is giving more money to my dreaded enemy HG, don't buy i on those grounds.

    Artwise is another matter, I think that Robotech lucked out in getting him as an artist, and if anything he will be the sole redeeming quality of that comic book will have. He draws in a manga style which would go well with a faux japanese style that symbolizes robotech.

  11. I think its lights... especially when you think that the VA-3 is desgined to fight underwater. It would make the most sense too. they are fixed forward in Fighter mode, and are moveable in batroid and gerwalk...

    I think the VA-3 is a cool design... maybe the most unorthdox besided the YF-21. I think (I might be wrong though) its the only one with a pilot in head configuration.

  12. 1.) gulds death in macross plus movie edition, his eye actually exploded in his head :o

    i think these were the most honorable deaths ever in macross, they both died protecting something thet loved.

    Gotta love that little smile he gives right before his innards explode and he vaporizes the X-9

    I'd have to agree its one of the best kills out there.

  13. Come on! You can't tell me FF8,9 and 10 were worse then The Bouncer and Driving Emotion Type S! :D

    Nonsense!!! Squall and Rinoa forever!!!

    FF VIII is the greatest FF EVER!!!


    I am an Unapologetic FF VIII fan!!

    Maybe the worse of the bunch.... FFVIII made me realize where Square was going, and it was just as bad (maybe even worse after)

    Final Fantasy Tactics was so very original in its own way. It had the most original engine, as Engrossing Huge story that really made it feel plasuable, and you were really doing something different. The Job classes for characters were well thought out very customizable. I've seen so many different character parties on the net and they all look so different (except the uber ultimate ones with all dancers or calculators). The coolest combo ever was (little cliquism here) Monk's bare handed with Ninja's two hands and hamedo. Ramza was sick sick sick with that combo.

    Is Tactics ogre better than FFTA? I'm looking for another game now.

  14. ... sigh

    sometimes I should read the whole thread through before I post...

    but in complete speculation... can an overtechnology field dampener actually counteract the effects of high G manuvers in space?, like if it was possible real physics (not Anime Physics)

  15. Come on! You can't tell me FF8,9 and 10 were worse then The Bouncer and Driving Emotion Type S! :D

    oooooh yeah... that game(Driving). I thought I forgot about that one.

    My friend bought it as one of his first games for PS-2 (Its square, its gotta be good right?) and he is a car game freak.....I think he was wondering whether he should throw out the whole system, or just the game....

    Haven't played bouncer... but from the numerous warnings... I'm sure I never will. Then again, do I want to play as the bane of my existance on saturday night?.. doubt it

  16. I'd disagree its the worst title out of square. I'd give it to most Final Fantasys after 7. FFT IS a classic. In my list of greatest games ever its probably around #3, Behind X-Com UFO defence, and Starcraft. (Thats my list, don't tell me why there are better, I think its a pretty respectable one to be honest) so it would be difficult to measure it up to such a perfect game.

    I'd agree though that FFTA made a major booh booh removing the Job points system. I think it is a trend that square has been moving to recyling old stuff... but its not as bad as FF 8, 9 or 10 for that matter. I think the quest system is a good change from the old, hackneyed storyline that is completely based off being an outsider, struggling to survive then finding this sinister ulterior threat to the world who the hereos must overcome to save the world. FFT's way of presenting the story was waaaay more realistically thought out and it was better. FFTA does seem to be oriented to a bit younger audience... and its a bit toungue in cheek as well. So take it as it is. ITs definately not the worst offering, but it has much room to improve (which I said before.)

    Hey does tactics ogre battles still not allow you to manipulate the units. That was what put me off the first Ogre battles because I couldn't control the individual units and I was often like... "why did you just attack him?" Imthinking advance wars 2 will be my next buy, then another RPG.

  17. I haven't seen Ep. 3 yet, but I thought you meant the guardian as AFOS. Didn't the blood of the Afos match that of the mayans or something? I've been reading spoilers because I don't have time to download it, (living vicariously through you guys) so take my argument as always as a grain of salt. I extrapolated from this thread.


    Just picking up on the idea that the Mayans are evolutionary decendants of the Protocultures, and the ASS-1's crew basically was protocultures, then they should be matched easily. Remember they have no clue about the Zentredi yet (poor suckers), so they are trying to fill in the blanks who these people are. Wouldn't you be shocked if you not only found alien artifact lying on the sea floor that matches the battlesho[, but, gasp... there are actual decendendants of these aliens living on earth for the last 60000 years (or however long since the PCs left). Most people probably thought the aliens were some green 10 tenticled beast, not our evolutionary cousins.

    I'd like to think that the AFOS was somehow connected to the protodevilin (their evolutionary precursors maybe?)... it would make M-7 more palatable in my mind. But we have gone over this argument enough to make grounded horse meat out of it.

  18. I'm also with Graham on this one. some The best fun I ever had playing a computer game was in high school when we used the Autocad LAN to play games. Our favorite was Rise of the Triad, where we would play every which level, and swear across the room late on friday nights. Before that We used doom... so I go waay back.

    beside LAN games, playing console games with like 4 friends also were memorable. Playing Bond on the N-64 with friends was almost a right of passage. Or how about Super mario cart... with one balloon left and hes got the red shell... thats the stuff I remember when playing. You can get friends who wouldn't normally play computer games to go nuts on multiplayer console games. Thats waay more fun than playing against a faceless opponent half the world away. We even had a way of settling disputes in my house using Bond, Perfect Dark and Halo... like whose turn it was to do the garbage..."lets settle this through bond"" I declare trial by Bond". Even stupid games bring on a life of their own when you play with friends. Anybody played Super Smash Brothers Melee for GC ? its a riot.

    All the stupidness of playing on the net goes away too playing with friends, no BSers, cheaters, hackers, flamers ect. Its your friends, you don't do those things. I still love online games, and probably play them more than I do console games. But when people trashed Game cube because It didn't have "online support"... I shook my head. The game cube has been more fun than any other system (except for the X-Box and halo).

  19. I've been thinking about this... And maybe its complete science fiction, but maybe someone with a physics degree can explain this...

    If they have Anti gravity devices .... what would prevent them from counteracting inertia by creating another gravity field that could nullify its affects. my physics classes are five years out so maybe I'm talking about two different things. If it could work you could have VF-22s able to hit the +-60Gs mark like they were designed for.

    And if you think that they couldn't create a gravity producer that small, think again, because in Macross 7 we see microphones for firebomber that must rely on anti gravity to stay infront of the singer.

  20. I just bought a new GBA (not the sp, because I liked to old one's stying and I got around not having a backlit screen for a decade, so no need for one), for the sole reason of Final Fantasy Tactics.I loved the first one so much that I wanted to get this one. FFT for PS1 is consistanty ranked as one of the best RPGs and hands down the best of the Final Fantasy series. (Not to go OT but I believe there hasn't been a good Final fantasy since Tactics(that was truly innovative or had a good story, rather than the formulaic approach the last 5 have had) )

    From the 13 hours straight that I played, Id say its a pretty good successor to FFT, but they simplified the game a little too much for my liking. Still its supposed to be a long game, so I'm looking forward to the rest of it. It has a pretty cool side mission feature that they took from FFT and made it integral to the game. Also it uses FF IV's equip weapons to learn abilities system, but the old FFT job point system was far better IHMO. All in all though Im having fun with it.

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