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  1. I've been repainting my YF-21 lately, and because of my horribly screwed up job last time which made me strip the whole thing, I've taken it thinning the paint and doing it slowly. I'm using Tamyia Flat blue, thinnned it with isopropynal alcohol, and I painted it with a brush (high quality artist brush). I'me getting the paint job with like a milky hue to it... its noticble enough to actualy change what the hue of the blue is, making almost likea gray like blue at a distance. I've done 4 coats (the paint is very thinned ) but I can't figure out the problem. Anybody else encounter this?

    Thanks in Advanced

  2. Sorry Jelenien, I thought you were saying that the compendium was wrong and that this picture proved it... which I misunderstood. I didn't mean to be rude about it, and my humblest apologies

    Your right Azarel Nanashi does't post anything about the officiality of his sources, But thats the problem, He puts at the top of the page the title, VF-11 leg missiles and leaves it at that. Someone who doesn't know about the issue would take the frame as cannon, which it obviously isn't. Thats been an issue with Nanashi's page for some time. Thats not to say that he doesn't do great work (he does get pictures that are very rare), but its a bit of a bother.

  3. A better question Jelenien is did you read the sources we posted above?

    This is why I don't trust Nanashi's "sources". The compendium EXPLAINS why this frame of anime exists. It was an error by the animators, and there is no other explaination. Its like the animation mistake in Macross that HG turned into the YF-1R or something stupid like that. Kawamori says explicitly there is no missile bay, then there is no missile bay. He had a good reason why he didn't want a missile bay to be included on baseline VF-11s, and that is cannon.

  4. There are no missiles in the legs of regular VF-11, and the VF-1s had fixed wing hardpoints anyways (RMS-1)

    Steelfalcon.com is about the last place you want to look for the true stats. Although Dave Deitrich did do a good job he has been proven wrong several times. The compendium IS the bible for this sort if stuff. Read The above link to the macross compendium, and scroll to the absolute bottom. It states the missiles in the leg are a error by animators, and only the MAXL has it. When in doubt the Compendium always is right.

  5. I'd agree with it that the non fast pack version has nothing but guns. The

    VF-11 really just speaks to me "Old Technology", Its really just an upgraded version of the VF-1 when you think about it. But at the time, that was okay because they were good enough to take on Zentradi units, which were the only threat that the UN Spacy had to deal with (that or rebels that used the UN spacy's old equipment.). As I said on another thread all they needed was lots of nukes, Minmay and the VF-11 to mop up the Zentredi mecha. And most of the combat situations was going to be in space anyways. The Zentredi were more interested in eradication than pacification, so you would be facing them in space more likely than in an atmopshere. Even the best special forces fighter at the time, the VF-17 was optimized for space combat. And if they really needed atmospheric punch they also had VF-14, and the VA-3 which could carry missiles and do the heavy damage.

    Only by 2035+ did the UN spacy figure out it was being outclassed by enemy mecha (anti-UN powerarmor seen at the beginning of the 1st M+ OAV). They started realizing that in atmopshere combat would be more and more likely. Part of this was the increasing realization that colonies were starting to rebel, and that they may have to use VFs against terrestrial threats. As you noted the VF-17 and VF-11 were not well equipped for that role. That prompted supernova and the completely revolutionary designs of VF-19/21.

  6. I'm going to have to emphasise this, ITs not anime he copied, but Violent Japanese live action movies. You don't see many of these here because they wouldn't get them past censors, and they are not as popular as Anime. A lot of them the worst anime can't hold a candle up to these they have mass murders, sexual acts mixed in with violence, gangland hits, ect and so forth . A lot of them are just plain depraved and they try to outmatch each other. It wasn't like TT thought of it in a new way... no he just copied OUTRIGHT the worst parts of the violence and removed the plot behind them and called it a movie. Visonary? Groundbreaking? Not in the least.

  7. This may sound inflammitory but it isn't because I don't know how else to say it, KB was garbage. Actually I thought of it as a reaaaaaally poor rip off of Many Japanese action flims SANS intelligence (not anime, but live action Japanese films that are like it). At least In a lot of the Japanese film there is a theme and a plot discernable, as convoluted as it may seem., KB just removed all that and made it all action. Thats not art, thats stupidity, even I could do that. I've got a cabinet full of Japanese films that feature the same action as KB that actually are interesting to watch.

    A REALLY good movie out is Master And Commander. Napoleonic Warfare has always been a pet interest of mine so watching it was a real treat. Factually faithful to the period (except the antagonist who was actually American in the novel, rather than French) It didn't pull many punches which I really enjoyed, (ok it could of been even more gory, but it still wasn't that nice)

  8. and about the fuel, they're using super fuel or some kind of it.

    remember in DYRL when they fly the destroyed earth for 15 000 mile before they find the Protoculture city? I think that kind of fuel can be used for ages. Maybe it can regenerate itself 1000 times. Hey, why not?

    And why no fast pack in atmosphere? My mind is not opposed to that idea. It even likes it and i decide it is possible! I won't change my mind!!

    in atmosphere a thermonuclear engine doesnt really need fuel, as it can use the enormous energy potential of fusion power to heat air as a propellant. If you could transfer the raw energy from the reaction, while keeping the reaction mass (helium 3) for later reaction, you essentially have a limitless energy source. And if you do need fuel all you need to crack is water to get hydrogen to run your fighter. But you would not be using the hydrogen as reaction mass anyways so its not needed very often. I'm guessing though that a overtechnology thermonuclear turbine can run off any light element to run the fighter, no matter the temperature/pressure needed to get it to fuse.

    In space on the other hand fighters run into a major problem because there is no reaction mass for the fighters to use like air in an atmosphere. Either the engines use some of the mass released by the energy reaction to propell themselves (which doesn't do much because the molecules released are so light) or they carry a secondary propellent that is heavier and is excited through the thermonuclear reaction released out the back as thrust.

  9. I think the same 3 ppl pick the VF-9. My fave, the first to use a FSW design.

    Uhh I chose the the VF-9... and not because of FSW.(not a big fan of FSW as we all well know)

    It just reminds me of A-4 skyhawk which I always thought was a neat plane. I think smaller fighters in the future are an interesting concept

  10. What japanese anime doesn't fan service young girls? There are whole series that are based off of that premise. That doesn't even talk about the manga industry (Shounen anyone?). If you think Macross was Bad, go and watch Chobits... the main character wasn't even a HUMAN teenager and she was fanserviced at least once/eight times during an episode.

  11. Man I loved the Assault gunboats...

    Looks like your #$@ is about be handed to you?

    Alt-s baby

    Is your star destroyer is at 0% shields and 2% health and a squadron of Ywings hyper in on the opposite side of the map?

    Alt-s baby

    Is that Calamari cruiser at 20% health and you are out of heavy rockets, with 30 seconds till it hyperspace?

    Alt-S and Mu and Rho squadron hyper in to save the day.

    Also I was being semi sarchastic about the Tie Defender and how they managed to lose the war. I just thought it was about the coolest design ever.

    (edited for more coolness with the Assault gunboat)

  12. yeah... the space shooter has died out... and I never noticed.

    I still play Xwing vs Tie Fighter. Its a great game, especially with Balance of Power.

    Man do I miss Tie Fighter though. Did anybody remember when you first got the Defender of the Empire? L33T!!!!!!!!!!!! All you could think was HOW DID THE EMPIRE LOSE WITH A FIGHTER LIKE THIS????? I don't care about the force, you couldn't dodge the bloody thing. And that wasn't the end of it... not by the long shot... then the Greatest feeling of all... (after you cleaned up the warm feeling in your pants... )

    The Missile Boat.

    50 Advanced Concussion missiles. Man I don't know if the Rebel fleet had 50 A-wings total to be hit by the missile boat. It was the evilest piece of machinery ever (brought to you by the manufacturors of the Death Star and the evil looking lighting from the emperor's hand)

    anyway its one of my favorite child hood games, and I can't play it anymore. HAs anybody figured out how to make it work on modern machines?

  13. For a kit like that I wouldn't pay over 70... especially for the work that would be needed to put into it to make it good. When was it last produced? (any hope for a recast?) The Suchilado is basically a J7W shinden with a enlarged nacelle for its Turboprop... so If you really wanted to kitbash it it would be possible.

    Another random kit that I would like to see is the tank killing helicopters from Patlabor, the JSDF used.

    Anyways I'll stop drifting the thread with my aimless thoughts.

  14. That would be the 1/72 Lonkeer from Wings of Honneamise, by General Products. Another kit that took me forever to find :)



    Wait, is that the main fighter that they use in the northern forces, the turboprop fighter? I always wished I could get a model of that, Its about the l33test design EVER for a fighter. It looks like a very rough cast, do you have to build the cockpit yourself?

  15. I recently won an auction with a VT-1 (among a Strike Valk and a YF-19). But as much as I do like minmay and all I think the orange scheme is god awful (what I wouldn't do if it was an elint seeker or a Battroid)

    Im at a loss what I can do with it. Im thinking some kind of Customization, Is it possible to make it into Gerwalk with the VT-1 Kit (it might make it more impressive... ), or can anybody think of some squadron ideas... (high speed VIP transport maybe?)

  16. Actually I hate battletech, with a passion. I've been a part of the Heavy Gear Community since its inception in 1996 (not the computer game, but the miniature game from DP9) and if you know that game, Gears are nothing more than a new type of AFV that get ruined by tanks, and infantry have a very very good odds against them. And I have a good conception of what modern warfare entails. I am currently doing paid research work on military procurement processes, my friend did work on the effects of DU ammunition on tanks in Kosovo. I just like extrapolating these things because its a fun getaway from work, but I enjoy doing it more for Heavy Gear because that universe bases itself off of real technology and tries to simulate a realistic situations. Macross uses uber technology (like Over technology) which is like a religion in the sense we don''t actually have a clue what its actually capable of doing but we have to believe it anyways. Don't get me wrong I love Macross, but its a lot harder to extrapolate what stuff in the universe can do. Give me an equivalent of what a micromissile can penetrate in Rolled Homogenous Steel and what hyper carbon steel is equivalent to in RHA, and we can have a proper argument.

    You ask me where is my evidence Nied? where is yours? we never see Infantry ever take down a foot soldier. Max doesn't even shoot a Zentredi with his new overtechnology gun ( he shoots the wall panel to close the door.) Micromissiles don't even seem like a major imporovement anyways. Also kickback is an important problem in AAGMs. First you have to ensure that your round doesn't fry the weapons operator. Most weapons use a intial kicker charge, which pwops the weapon far enough away from the operator so the main rocket doesnt burn the operator. This was a problem with the Dragon AAGM which could not be used in bunkers because the blowback would severely burn the operator. It must also make sure that the kickback isn't so strong that the operator jar's the weapon while launching shooting it into the ground or up in the air. This puts a major limit on the size and the weight of the weapon.

    I''ll admit this though, Since Kawamori never does explicity mentions or shows the effect of infantry our conversation is purely academic. At best we can use circmstantial evidence to build up circumstatial cases that will never be proven in a court of law.

  17. My whole point with overtechnology is not that it cannot be applied, but the relative gains that you recieve out of applying such technology is minor when you compare that to larger units. Think of it this way, Macro scale weapons are now X5 more powerful when combined with overtechnology (Gunpods missiles, beam weaponry and most importantly armor) Micro scale hand held weapons only increase X2 with overtechnology. That puts human size weaponry at a distinct disadvantage. See I always wondered why create a macrosized race like the Zentredi? It makes sense if the most efficient size to make weapons and armor is larger than what humans can manipulate. My guess is that the protoculture created the Zentredi to snuff out colonial strife with armor and weapons that normal protoculture sized beings weapons could not harm. Its not like today when one guy can waltz to the top of a building and shoot a RPG-7 into the engine deck of a M-1 and most likely disable it, or a guy with a Javlen at 500 meters blow up a tank. I'd say that infantry weapons in the Macross world can nolonger damage their tanks of the day (VFS) Look at micromissiles, none of the weapons carried by the VF-1 could be micronized to the point where they can be carried by a human (more or less launched by one thinking about the kickback and blowback). Regardless even in 2010 it takes vast swarms of missiles to hit and take down a VF. And by 2040 we have pinpoint barrier technology which just makes VFs nigh invinicible to infantry weapons.

  18. If you read my long post, I explain why Infantry can't take out destroids and battroids ect ect. I think Overtechnology has made mecha nigh invincible to ordinary humans. Satchel charges may work on a current tank, but the armor on a VF is probably far more than on a tank (because of the wonders of Overtechnology), and how are you going to get a sachel on a VF? Just watch the MAcross Plus fight scene in either episode 2 or 4, now imagine yourself with a bag of explosives trying to put that on VF, let alone a critical part... good luck. Any VF moving at any speed would be nearly impossible to hit.

    I think Infantry if anthing is there to make sure the population can be controlled, not taking on the big boys like VFs.

  19. some fighters have reversable control systems so that lefties can switch their control stick to the other side (I said some, the F-16 is not one of them)

    The use of the sidestick does not seem to interfere with left handed pilots though.

    I don't think you would see left handedness be a factor for piloting a Valkrie, I think that most of the movements would be controlled by the computer (except for the macro stuff like aiming a gun ect) , so the fighter would automatically carry the gun on the right hand.

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