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  1. The *quality* of the Bandai 1/65 DX VF-17S & VF-17D toys is excellent, it's the design, or more correctly certain parts of the sculpt that is not so good.

    While it looks great in battroid mode, in Fighter and Gerwalk modes it is far too chunky looking from most angles especially when viewed from the side, although it does look good in fighter mode when viewed from the top.

    The toy is all plastic, no metal parts at all except for screws, but despite this it is increadibly durable. It's probably on of the most durable transforming Macross toys ever made.

    The VF-17 toy actually features very good detailing for the most part, lots of panel lines. However, it does have a couple of issues: -

    1) The landing gear is awful, far too simple.

    2) The knees lack articulation to bend backwards, so you cannot make the toy kneel in Battroid mode, although if you are brave enogh you can modify the knees with some careful file work.


  2. Been meaning to do this for a while. I'm curious as to how many Yamato's everybody has. Can you please reply in the format below: -

    1/72 = pcs.

    1/60 = pcs.

    1/48 = pcs.

    Please, just post like above. No pics, no irrelevent text. I don't need to see breakdown by type, just by scale and I don't care how many you are going to buy in the future, I just want to know the quantity you have on hand now. Be warned I will delete any irrelevent or off-topic posts.


  3. The 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru is defintely scheduled for an October release.


    Is it going to be bundled with the Fast Packs as some sort Anniversary product (for DYRL's 20th)?

    Nope, it will not come with the FPs.

    So far there is no special DYRL anniversery product planned. Even BW apparently don't have anything special planned :(


  4. Sorry, couldn't resist posting these pics again from the old forum.

    Minmay and Mylene perform a duet!


    And then later that night, Minmay gives a special *private* show for Hikaru's eyes only................



  5. I don't know the production run numbers for the Low-Vis and even if I did I wouldn't be able to say as Yamato never likes to reveal that information publically.

    Despite the Low-Vis having a Macross Zero style pilot and USS Asuka stikers, I'm having doubts now as to whether the VF-1 will actually appear in a later episode of Macross Zero. My theory is that any apperance of the VF-1 would make it that much more difficult to get the Macross Zero OVA past HG's lawyers and officially released outside of Japan.


  6. I'm going to buy 7 sets of FAST pack.

    Based on my conversations with Yamato yesterday, although they are trying their best to meet the end of August release for the FAST Pack, there is a possibility that it may slip to first week of September.


  7. OK, I'm back. Went out for an Indian meal last night with two of the guys from Yamato. Lots of beer was drunk and a good time was had by all.

    Unfortunately, although I got a fair amount of new info on what's planned, there is very little that I'm publically allowed to reveal. Last time I went for one of these dinners earlier this year I released far too much info on MW and got in big trouble.

    Anyway, I saw the finished VE-1 and VT-1 last night and very pretty they look. However, the boxes are huge, nearly rivalling the 1/48 boxes in size. I think Yamato must have 'Big Box Syndrome' or something :D Anyway, the VT-1 and VE-1 are currently on route to Japan from the factory so should have no problem meeting the scheduled August 31st release date.

    Didn't get to see any samples of the 1/48 FAST packs which bummed me out. I gather the FAST packs are currently in the middle of production and should be shipping to Japan soon, so hopefully they will reach Japan in time for the planned August 31 release date, although there is a possibility that we may end up with a first week of September release.

    The 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru is defintely scheduled for an October release. I can confirm that the heatshield will be red, not black. The official explanation is that when you see it as black in the anime, it is just because of shadow. No additional interchangeable hands are planned at this time for the VF-1S Hikaru which is disappointing. Basically, there wouldn't be time to get them sculpted, approved and into production by October. The posibility does exist that additional non-articulated DYRL hands may be offered at a later date as an upgrade kit though, so keep your fingers crossed. Lastly, I did suggest that we would like to see light grey painted panel lines on the VF-1S Hikaru, ala the 1/48 Low Vis, but the guy in charge of Macross product development didn't seem too keen on the idea.

    You guys are going to hate me, but I just plain forgot to ask about the 1/60 upgrade parts :(

    Other topics such as Macross Zero & Macross Plus toys, other future Macross toys and HG/BW legal issues were discussed in depth, unfortunately, I'm not allowed to talk about any of that. :ph34r:

    Sorry for the sparsity of new information, but my hands really are tied.

    The last thing I will say is expect to see some of the new really exciting Macross items starting sometime in Spring next year.


  8. Any requests for Yamato?

    I'm going to ask them to add grey panel lines (like on the 1/48 Low Vis) to the 1/48 Hikaru VF-1S.

    I'm also going to ask them to sculpt non-articulated DYRL hands for the VF-1S Hikaru, like they are doing for the VF-1J.

    Any others?

    And of course, I will keep on pushing for the things I really want like a VF-2SS with SAP and a VF-17D/S with FAST Packs. A VF-5000B would be nice as well. Of course all should be in 1/48 scale ha ha ha! :lol:


  9. 2 hours 15 minutes and counting until the dinner. I'll ask those questions and more, but please be aware guys that Yamato may not actually allow me to reveal much which can be a real bummer at times.


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