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    Store Questions

    You can sign up for their newsletter. I think you'll have to set up an account with them to do that but I don't think you have to buy anything to do this. Or you could just check the site regularly.
  2. If anything they should lay off the vf-1's and do the ones that haven't been done yet. But what are the chances that they would really do that?
  3. I think will be lucky if the price comes in under $1000.
  4. Does anyone else think that vf-19 kai kinda looks like crap? Even worse with the nice looking vf-25's in front of it.
  5. Good luck with that. I was considering ordering from him but the price including shipping seemed ridiculously low compared to the msrp. Could you keep us updated as to how it works out for you, in case he puts something up like that again? If he doesn't jack you around I might not be so hesitant to order from him next time.
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