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  1. I cannot beat that Macross Zero mission with the big flying enemy that's the second part of the mission??? The super beam of death kills me every time and I can't figure out how to avoid it?

    Get the VF-0S stats maxed (even with limiter), add the superpack to it (ghost) and try to stay behind AFOS (the big enemy) always lock on to the centerpart of the thing named AFOS and shoot it with the pod-gun and micromissiles (single lock on). took me several times to beat it, you need a bunch of luck too.

  2. Urashiman you should forget reality and "step" into some Macross kits :lol:

    The Mosquito is coming along nicely. One of the first "stealth" bombers! - MT

    I already did build various macross kits. YF-21. YF-19, VF-1S, VF-1A (all Hasegawa) VF-1D(Arii), VF-19Fire, VF-11MAXL, VF-11C, VF-17S(Bandai) Two Reguld Pods and one of those zentraedi tanker ships

    But the YF-19 looks like poo now, one of my brothers threw a football(the round european ones) on it. :(

  3. Some of you may know the hasegawa VF-14A Macross Zero special release. I didn't got one but had an better idea then.

    Using leftover pilot figures from my VF-0S and VF-0S with ghost and some water decals from a YF-21 I will turn a cheap 10€ italeri F-14A model kit into a cool Macross Zero thing to line up with my other models.










    As you can see I finished the cockpit so far, it is a shame I only have a stupid cellphone cam.

    Comments and critique are welcome.

  4. I just don't feel like argueing because of tabs, because I just don't care about the size of tabs, and if I don't care about something, I don't talk about it.

    I'll see what I can do with the future models and what I can do to the already released models, but don't expect miracles from me.

  5. I never use the auto-unfold for pepakura, because the autounfold doesn't work good. I did that part like this on purpose, I must have been drunk while doing this, but I did it on purpose, it has nothing to do with pepakura. There is a function in pepakura to make flaps smaller but I don't have the time to bother about that. If some flaps are too big I just cut them smaller when building the model. everthing u said so far isn't a problem within pepakura, it is a problem wth my structural papermodel design. You people never seemed to really work with pepakura If I read stuff like that.

    Well, for what it does, the program appears to be pretty useful, laying out models flat and all. The problem is how it chooses to break things up.

    I do think the Pepakura models could be done well, with a little revision. The biggest problems are the way it breaks down parts, and the way it makes the tabs.

    Best example of how Pepakura can foul up is the piece meant to be the head laser on the YF-19. I hope you don't mind, but here's a screenshot of that particular part.

    No designer with some sanity in it's head uses Auto-Unfold. I'll just show some pictures.

    This is what happens if you use the Auto-Unfold in Pepakura. I RECOMMEND NOT TO USE AUTO-UNFOLD!


    With a little work and "precutting" it will look like this. (no auto-unfold)


    I still need to fix some flaps manually here but it looks better then auto-unfold.

    Things like this:


    are possible. I can change the size of the flaps but I find it ridiculous to agitate about something like this because u could just use your scissors to cut that flap. I can't think what came over me with this part, but I seemed to have a reason in the moment I developed the papercraft. If there are problems with the model they are my fault, and not the tools fault. It is like saying:"your 3D model looks like poo because u should use 3DSmax instead of blender". You can get the same results from both tools if you use them properly. Same with pepakura. I'm always under deadline pressure and I may miss some critical sections while developing. When I testbuilded that thing I didn't have any problems with it. But other ones seemed to have really (in my eyes "weird") proplems with them. Getting rid of problems like this will take years if I don't get some response from people that build the models. Luckily you people seemed to have the guts to tell me whats wrong with my templates. I'll note down what issues you have with my stuff and I even fixed the VF-11 by now.

  6. Pepakura is a shortcut way of papercraft design. It's cheating. Also, it's not that good at what it's supposed to do.

    I can appreciate that you're a busy man. But, if you're gonna make papercraft, especially through Pepakura, then go through several drafts until you get all the kinks worked out. Pep is famous for making stupidly small tabs.

    TBH, Pep would be great for, say, a PC papercraft or a nerf gun or something, but not for a plane. Look at the SFGallery VF-1 I keep bringing up. It was made without Pep, as were all the rest on that website, and they all own the hell out of a lot of pep papercrafts I've seen.

    To each his own, I guess.

    Any news on the VF-17 or 25, Urashiman?

    Wow, Chrono, good work. I daresay I will never make that model, out of its sheer complexity, yet you've done a superb job. Many kudos to you, sir.

    I never had problems with the small tabs (even if I'm proud owner of ridiculously large hands and fingers like sausage with no feelings in the fingertips because of a little thing I didn't think through perfectly on the coldest day in berlin). I know about "manual" papercrafting. I did this when I was a young boy and had too much time(made a DeLorean on my own and some anime stuff). I know about that VF-1, already have build it and it burned good in the end (stuffed rocketengines into the thing and forgot about the explosives for the parachute)

    the VF-17D is all done, just needs some instructions. the VF-25 needs texturing before developing. Still need to do instructions for the new VF-9/Vf-11 and the VF-14.

  7. It is always nice to see people building my models and I accept your critic. The YF-19 and YF-21 are Hasegawa based. The VF-11 is Bandai/internet pictures based. If you really want to build the VF-11 just don't!

    The old one on my website is really weird. I fixed the parts (like the jet-intakes) that always make problems to most of the people. So wait till I release the new revision. Don't talk bad about Paperkura ... it is just a CAD tool for easy paperkcraft. I use it because it is fast and I need to get things done fast, because I'm a busy man.

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