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  1. That was Myra Brandish, Dr. Venture's "first" bodyguard. She is supposedly the Venture boys' "real mother" as described by her in the episode "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills". She is also coo-coo for coca puffs so who is to believe her? The only "truth" is that she was once Dr. Venture's bodyguard before Brock and she and the good doctor did the deed.
  2. So have all the MW Venture fans seen the premiere yet? As far as season premieres go I'd rate it an 8 out of 10. Really good, but somehow not as good as the season two premiere. Then again season one left us with a much more "meaty" cliffhanger than season two did. And I've also seen a ton of speculation as to what the "resolution" to this cliffhanger actually was. From my vantage point I see one thing, but other folks seem to see something different. What I saw was: Talk about an "out of left field" resolution. I think it's fair to say that no one saw it coming. I also find it funny how we are slowly learning all the costumed aggressors' real names. Dr. Girlfriend = Sheila The Monarch = Malcolm Phantom Limb = Hamilton G. Fantomos Monarch Henchman #21 = Gary
  3. Yep, I cheated and watched it at Adult Swim as well last night. I even had to hook my laptop up to my HDTV so I could watch it in all it's pixelated grainyness on my big screen. Edit: Not really a "spoiler" but did anyone else catch the in-joke with the song? During the "post romp" scene in the Monarch's car the song playing is "Revv Me Up" by Jasper McVain, also known as the "Brock workout song" from season 1. After that scene the Monarch comments on how that was not the song on his radio as he remembered that song, and the council of 13 says they couldn't get the rights to the "real" song. Not only was it a callback to season 1 but it was a callback to the season 2 premier in which they infamously played the Aquagen remix of "Everybody's Free (To Feel Good)" by Rozalla which required a hefty royalty check totaling 1/8th of the episode's budget. On that episode's commentary Doc and Jackson actually play an answering machine message left for them by Adult Swim's legal department informing them they could not have the rights to that song and should "pick a song out of their existing library" instead.
  4. Barrels come pre-pressed into their barrel extension (trunnion) from the factory and they should have set the headspace there. Headspacing should not really be an issue unless you buy those barrels from an "off color" supplier/builder who is sloppy with their barrel press (known to happen) or your original Colt bolt heads are worn excessively... and if that is the case then you'd be having headspacing issues now with your existing barrels. The downside to what you propose is that barrel changing takes time, tools and experience. It's not "difficult" per se but does involve some specialty tools (barrel vice blocks, punch, barrel wrench, etc.) and the knowledge how to do it without mucking things up. Rush or not know what you are doing and you could easily damage the gas tube. Plus barrel assemblies are not really "made" to be swapped repeatedly. Changing barrels requires punching out the gas tube pin, and repeated punching and replacing will wear your front sight base. Most folks (myself included) prefer the ease of a simple upper swap to the manual labor changing of barrels. It costs more for a barreled upper but does it really cost more in the long run when you consider armorer man hours to replace the barrels? If you are going to replace your barrels, go ahead and totally replace them. Don't look at it as a "back and forth at will" thing. Also the "gain" of a 20" barrel to a squad officer or ERT responder is negligible. Those extra 4 inches of barrel really only give you longer range accuracy, which is generally not an issue for an ERT responder and his duty weapon.
  5. [TruckAndTractorPullGuy] Sunday Sunday Sunday! [/TruckAndTractorPullGuy] Two days to go. I don't think I've been this jacked up to see a new season of a TV show in decades.
  6. Only for us to discover that the "Indiana Jones Magic" is really just bacteria in his bloodstream and that in the past Muttdiana Jones was the one who originally put that golden Hovitos idol in the trap cave... before building Sallah in his spare time in Marion's garage.
  7. The only "problem" I have with continuing the franchise with Shia as Muttdiana Jones Junior Junior is that "time wise" the series is entering the modern era. By the time Mutt is "old enough" to be an archaeologist adventurer like his daddy it will be the mid '60s. I could be alone in this but the whole allure and magic of the Indy movies are that they take place in the bygone era of "high adventure", the 30s. Back when the world was seemingly "innocent" and there were "easily defined" bad guys and good guys. Part of the "feel" of this movie that bothers me is that it takes place post WW2 in the era of paranoia. Following this era is the era of rebellion and protest, then disco, then Reaganomics. Can anyone here take Muttdiana Jones seriously if he's searching for the lost city of Atlantis in 1970, wearing a tan pleather double knit leisure jacket and a cubs baseball hat with a whiny hippie chick as his tagalong gal racing against the clock and the Vietcong? Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhh... no thanks.
  8. The funny thing is if you listen to the DVD commentaries Jackson Public and Doc Hammer have a real corn kernel in their teeth about all the bootleg VB shirts. They make several comments on the quality, availability and dubious nature of a lot of the VB clothing they see around and how other people are profiting like mad off of their ideas. They also say how they have made and sold several limited run designs for shirts themselves that (in their words) were just plain "stupid" or so non-sequitur that they doubted their own ability to sell the shirts. I think the "shirt of the week tied to the episode of the week" is a great idea that will let them make some much needed cake off of their ideas plus give their fans a chance to finally get some "legit" VB shirts of various original designs. It must really suck to have such a wonderful property like the Venture Brothers go unsupported in the merchandising front yet see so much bootleg crap floating around cashing in on your baby.
  9. OK, last friendly nudge. Please folks, let's discontinue the sub v dub endless debate. It's a never ending story, just without the tacky Limahl song and the white luck dragon. We've all been there, we've all done that, we've all bought the poster. Please stay on topic about the Bandai Visual "business decision".
  10. Posted on another forum by BK24, here is something for the die hard VB fans: Season Three "Shirt of the Week" I would so be all over this if I still wore print T's as much as I used to. I hate to think of spending that much on 14 T shirts only to wear them to change car oil and clean gutters.
  11. Mess with the CAT and you get the CLOPS! ... Und ven you mess wit zee girl, you get ze HITLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!
  12. Seriously. Please try to knock this back into the subject at hand and away from the never ending sub v dub debates, thanks.
  13. Love Bheits is probably my most quoted VB episode aside from Careers in Science. Hank as "The Bat" is classic on so many levels. "... the night is mine."
  14. Without retreading many of the previously stated reasons, my wife's opinion of the movie swung almost entirely on how vapid and corny the dialog was. She's a big "witty banter" fan and she was hoping to see another Last Crusade with lots of funny dialog between Harrison and Shia. Instead she was treated to (her words) "a kindergarten level dialog script that insulted my intelligence". Her follow up comment of "it's almost as if everyone had a lobotomy, cast and crew alike, and they expected the same of the audience" is kind of deserved in a few scenes but pretty harsh overall. I think a lot of people (especially Lucas) have trouble with the "high concept" idea that this movie is an homage to the '50's sci-fi actioner B-movies. Audiences went in expecting crisper dialog and better pacing but to a good degree I think Lucas, even though he is a hack, felt that those things would have "removed the homage feel of it". It's kind of a cop-out really... they justify their bad script by saying it's a homage to the bad scripts of the '50s. If that "worked" for entertainment then Uwe Bol is the greatest flatterer of all time with his constant near perfect chain of homage to the great low budget slasher movies of the '70s and '80s. As I said, if you do your best to kick your preconceived notions to the curb and go in NOT expecting another Raiders then the movie is a lot of fun. And to be honest the non-script related "failings" of the movie are more or less the same failings you can claim about every Lucas and many Spielberg movies from the last ten years.
  15. And lets also see if Michael Bay will shut the f up about it finally.
  16. The brief teaser trailers they have been running are eating me alive with anticipation. And based on the most recent set shown this Sunday, all I can say is... Myra's back.
  17. I got back from seeing it with my wife. As it stands I liked it... but there are parts of it that bug me. My wife on the other hand felt it was, in her words, "totally stupid". We had a nice talk about it on the way home and I can understand all of her qualms about the movie (many of which have been already mentioned here). I think my preconceived notions of what this movie was going to be were kept lower than my wife. I also think that people who come into this thing wearing their fedoras and toting their replica Hovito golden fertility idols will be let down... this is not Raiders. It's more Last Crusade meets Happy Days. But I personally went in to see Indy punch some commies, and that he did. My personal "issues" with the movie are as follows: But all that said the movie does succeed in being a fun action romp. At current standing having only seen it once I rate it above Temple of Doom but below the other two... in as such making this my new "number three". Repeat viewings of this movie may raise or lower that opinion. As it stands now I probably will not go see it again in the theater but I will buy it on Blu Ray when it comes out... hoping that the other three also come out on Blu Ray. What good is a new movie in HD if the others aren't?
  18. The is the mail away figure for the new 3" Indy toy line. If you buy the figures they come with little cardboard crates that contain stickers you collect to mail in. (This is a picture of the mail away figure: SPOILER LINK Mailaway Figure Photo SPOILER LINK)
  19. I pre-purchased tickets for the last show being shown on Monday. I'm trying to go during a time when there will be fewer kids, fewer fanatics and fewer people in general. Then again I'm an antisocial movie watcher... I want it to be me and the movie with nobody else around to affect my viewing. There have been so many movies I've gone to in the past where some dipshits in the audience marred my enjoyment due to them constantly getting up and crossing in front of me, cat calls at the screen and other such goofiness. And yes I'm that guy in the movie saying "babies don't like movies!" when your stupid baby starts crying because the movie is too loud. I'm spoiled by my home theater. And try as I might I'm trying to go into this thing neutral. It's getting hard when every internet post I read is hate.
  20. Movies that I can think of are Terminator 2: Judgment Day, pretty much every James Bond movie (Dr. No was good but kind of lame compared to later ones like Thunderball and Goldfinger), Toy Story 2, Road Warrior, (for me) Empire Strikes Back, Dawn of the Dead and some (myself) say Godfather 2. I could probably go on and on but there is definite "history" of sequels surpassing their original in both box office and popularity.
  21. I should probably put this in for now: Please post any "spoilers" in the "spoiler text" option for the first week or so of release. For those who don't know how to do it, simply Type your sentence then highlight it and click "Insert: SPOILER" on your left. Review it and click "OK". Or just "tag" your text with the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags Thanks!
  22. The premise of Red Dawn seems bizarre and outlandish today, but if you were alive and "with it" (meaning not a toddler or little kid) in the early '80s everyone and their brother was freaked that the Russians were going to try to invade us. There was a rumor going around my junior high in 1983 that the Russians were going to invade the US on new years day 1984. It was like Y2K before Y2K.
  23. I almost don't think Red Dawn could be remade today. Hollywood would completely have to re-write the thing to fit their new "worldview" tactic of selling overseas. How can they make an overt, pompous (and albeit comically exploitive) American "patriotic" movie and sell to the world? Isn't that the "problem" they have with GI Joe? I mean, they can't really make a remake with communist "red" China or Russia as the "bad guys" as they'd have to "sell" the movie in Russia and probably in China as well. They'd have to totally "Invasion USA" the thing and make the "invaders" some kind of country-less, faceless, politically correct terrorist forces and call it something stupid like Generic Kinda Anglo-Europeanish White Guys in Suits Terrorist Army Dawn. Plus Red Dawn was sort of Millius' baby... not only was the movie a pure '80s vehicle but it had themes and plot elements in it that Millius was a big time supporter of. Hollywood at the time wasn't really keen to his "ideas" about those things and is none too friendly with them these days either. Edit: Actually now that I've had a few seconds to think about it, Hollywood could easily remake Red Dawn in the new "flavor of the week" movie style: the shaky POV cam. It's simple, the whole movie is shot POV from high school kids holding a camcorder. They are in class doing a report or something and out of the sky drop nameless, never to be figured out bad guys. The entire movie is one long drawn out "run away while filming the craziness" schtick. It would "work" for modern Hollywood because it enables them to remove any political connotation from the "enemies", it allows them to retain the "high school kids caught in the middle" angle, it removes those tricky Millius notions of armed teens and it allows them to paint everyone except the "poor teens caught in the middle" with a broad brush. Boffo. Hundred million in the bank. Where do I pick up my check?
  24. I'm pulling this thread out of the flames as it was pretty good until the 5th Annual Macrossworld Butthurt Festival and Charity Tractor Pull wrecked it. Please continue the thread but consider this a gentle warning, the next combative or inflammatory post gets someone a time out.
  25. ... probably a lot less than it will take to digitally remove Phantom Limb's limbs.
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