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  1. Yep, "The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay" is a bonus on the first season DVD set, as is "A Very Venture Christmas". It should be noted however that Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick have "disavowed" the pilot as being part of the official Venture continuity... mostly because it contradicts a lot of stuff that comes later.
  2. The new episode, while great, is somehow less shiny and delectable than the first two. I thought it was a great ep and it did indeed answer a ton of the remaining "questions" surrounding a few of the characters (as well as providing even more back story to a few)... but... I dunno. It was good, but not super out of the park good.
  3. "The Invisible Hand of Fate" tonight at 7pm on AdultSwim.com. Looks to finally possibly reveal the origins of Phantom Limb, the disposition of Billy's missing eye and hand and possibly give us some extra background on one of my favorite characters (Pete White) as well as more Myra!
  4. Not necessarily. A "Fixed" magazine is simply a feeding device that cannot be readily removed without aid of a tool. Most "inboard" fixed magazines are "normal" capacity and have between 10 and 30 rounds (depending on state laws). In most cases the only real "difference" can be a simple substitution of the magazine release for one that "doesn't work" unless you use a tool. While it is a pain in the butt to have to use a tool to detatch and reload your magazine it is one of the only ways to get a legal AR15 in California.
  5. Dr. Killinger simply "is". He creates balance and endeavors to give people what they truly want. To a degree, Killinger is not actually evil... he just tries to "make the best" out of people, it's his "thing" and as he says, "I love mein job!".
  6. I just watched "The Doctor is Sin" on Adult Swim.com. Two words: FREAKING AMAZING. This season is two for two.
  7. That sounds like it would make sense. In "Hate Floats" Phantom Limb claims he is "Acting in full costumed aggression without a Guild license". It is apparent that The Monarch's prison chums are all Guild members and remained Guild members to some degree while incarcerated... which would make one wonder why The Monarch when he breaks out somehow doesn't have a license. One could then assume that he "officially" joins the guild as a super villain when he signs the paperwork with Phantom Limb in "Victor Echo November". My question is still how it all relates back to Rusty Venture. Whatever "it" was it apparently happened either in college or just before college in which Malcolm sets himself on the path to arching Venture. I'm kind of of the opinion that the whole "Dr. Girlfriend" side of his story was more or less a distraction that put him off course from getting Venture. Dr. Girlfriend made for a handy "excuse" but I think it all still goes back to why he hates Rusty to begin with.
  8. I can get a complete "blank label" M4 semi auto kit (with A2 upper) through channels for $500 and I can get CMMG lowers for $100 each. Put the two together and you have a complete M4 clone for $600. The "down side" is that it is a "blank label" parts kit and a very bare bones kit at that with a lot of stock parts. There is nothing wrong with "blank label" parts, they are equal to normal manufacture (and most are actually made by normal manufacturers) but they are nothing fancy... no chrome chamber, no chrome carrier, basic springs... not something I'd trust my life on, but at least equal in quality to a entry level DPMS or Olympic. To make a really good high quality "duty weapon" you'd need another $150 or so. My "quote" to Bsu was more or less a way to get a cheap, functional M4 style AR that would rival (and probably beat) that Chicom model. I also can't "deal" in weapons, I don't hold the right license. If you were local I could build one and transfer it to you legally but I can't build and ship multiples. I'd need a Class Two excise license for that. Edit: I should probably also mention that I don't trust my life to any "stock" weapon. I think I've changed springs on 90% of the ARs I own. Then again I'm a "tweaker", I tweak for reliability and ammo. Once you get a rifle "dialed in" with the right springs running the right ammo as long as you keep it clean it will never jam.
  9. Well not to be a douche (again) but a 5.56 chamber is actually different than a .223 chamber. Not by much mind you, but it is different. A .223 will split a board just as well as a 5.56 will. It's just that the Remington .223 chamber is the "politically correct" civilian caliber designation and 5.56x45 NATO is the "politically incorrect" military small arms caliber. Potato, Potahto, [Dan Quayle] Potatoe [/Dan Quayle].
  10. Too bad you aren't in the states. If you were I could build you that M4 in your picture (sans rail and laser) for around $600 using my Brownells dealer discount and a CMMG lower (local boys, good products and cheap). There really is a lot of padding in AR pricing compared to the sum of their parts. You can build your own AR for usually 1/3 less than the cost of buying pre-assembled. Plus you have more control over parts.
  11. Yeah here in the states 14.5" is considered SBR. A lot of places will give you a 14.5" barrel but they will weld a 2" flash hider on it to bring it up to minimum 16" length. Have you read anything on what those Chicom AR clones are made from? The Chinese are not known for using top shelf materials in their firearms. Most of the recent Chicom imported clone stuff I've seen (their 870 clones, those coach gun clones, etc.) have been built with thin plastics and pot metals with poor park jobs or paint. A friend of mine bought one of those Norc Ithaca shotgun clones and the thing has all but fallen apart since he got it. Cheap materials, cheap finish, poor quality control. He's shot it about twice and is afraid to shoot it again for fear it will come apart on him. The gun is by all accounts "brand new" yet it looks like someone threw it down the stairs then poured acid on it.
  12. Full auto isn't actually "illegal", you just have to live in the right state, have the right permits and a ton of money. (speaking as someone who owns a legal select fire Uzi) As for California legal it would have to have a fixed magazine in order to possess all the features shown in that picture Bsu has. The telestock, pistol grip, bayonet lug and flash hider are no-nos under Cali law.
  13. It is pretty obvious that Rusty's father had a good deal to do with the Guild when he was alive. Watch and Ward remark to Rusty "I can't believe I'm standing in the same room the Treaty of Tollerance was signed". I would assume from as much as Jonas is mentioned that he was instrumental in the formation or development of the Guild and perhaps in return the Guild tries to keep his kid safe. And it's funny someone mentioned the "Are You There God, It's Me Dean" episode. In that episode we get the first not so obvious clue that The Monarch is operating outside Guild authority. He tells Hank to "look him up" in the Guild registry and Hank can't find him... I wonder why?
  14. Legally it does not. You can stamp anything you want on your lower receivers and unless it mutilates the serial number, caliber designation or manufacturer information it's perfectly fine. I've seen several semi auto receivers with "US PROPERTY" markings, auto position markings and other things that would raise an eyebrow. The one single feature that turns a legal semi automatic lower receiver into an illegal full auto lower receiver is the drilling of of a sear pin hole. However it goes without saying that having AUTO engraved on your semi auto receiver is going to raise the attention of any law enforcement or legal folks who might see it. While it is not illegal, it may be more of a hassle than you want because you may spend several hours explaining to a sheriff or range officer that your rifle is not an illegal machine gun.
  15. And they still haven't actually said why The Monarch hated Dr. Thadeus Venture so much. He dedicated most of his adult life to wrecking havoc on the man... but what started it?
  16. Once again you have to see things from our vantage point. We the staff had no clue how to address this "issue" and we needed time to talk amongst ourselves to sort this out. This was not a problem that one single moderator could unilaterally address. As folks have no doubt figured out this "issue" is a really, really large one for members of the staff. The thread was closed simply to stem the "snowballing" of the issue until we had a chance to go over some things and develop a decent course of action that was fair to all parties involved. As it has been said the thread will be reopened or unlocked in some form shortly. It is currently in a "cooling off" phase. We are not going out of our way to "lock down the playground", we just want to make sure this issue is handled as delicately as we can as well as making sure the membership understand our concern over this issue.
  17. Cultures aside, the underlying issue to all of this is that Macross World is a western fansite based on servers inside the United States and as such those servers come under the direct influence, affect and scope of US laws as well as western sensibilities. "Western" sensibilities in this sense err on the side of "safe" and cautious for the most part, they lean towards the politically correct so that everyone can enjoy things evenly and without incident. We all have to realize that this website isn't just one big room full of "like minded" (barely) adult men... this site is intended to be open to all people of all ages and sensibilities. As such the site and it's content has to conform with some regulations that some people may find "excessive", but this in no way is "heavy censorship" or "jack booted repression". At the same time we are not asking people to adopt some kind of squeaky clean churchmouse demeanor. All we ask is that things are kept PG13... PG13 is a far cry from churchmouse. As I said earlier the membership has to understand the staff's uncomfortable position in all of this... it is our job to make sure everyone has fun and gets along but at the same time it is our job to ensure that nothing occurs on this site that could damage the site or it's benefactors legally or criminally. At times this means we will have to clamp down on certain things. Because all it takes in today's world is one parent seeing their 12 year old kid surfing risqué pictures of "cartoon children" in compromised conditions for the whole world to come crashing down on us. The western media at large still to this day has a very skewed view of what "anime" fandom is about and stuff like this just feeds more fuel into their fire that we are all sick, depraved individuals who like "tentacle porn" and pictures "underage girls menstruating". If this was a private forum that was closed to the general public and had control over who got in and who saw what then it could easily be seen that "questionable" materials would be allowed but as it stands we have to think of everybody else, not just ourselves and our own sensibilities. But the salient point to all of this is that much like the world in general Macross World is one huge community comprised of many peoples from many different cultures. In order for us all to get along we all have to make concessions in some areas. Because what flies in Kuala Lumpur doesn't always fly in Boca Raton and vice versa. We have to strive to join together in the areas we all can agree upon and enjoy that don't bother or upset other people. If this means we have to omit one questionable picture out of ten perfectly acceptable ones, then so be it. Edit: We are also not trying to drive people to other message boards either, EXO was simply stating the existence of another site which happens to be staffed and frequented by a lot of Macross World people which has allowances for a looser code of conduct through the use of special restricted access "members only" areas.
  18. Suffice it to say, AnimePunch has kind of become like that dingy back alley behind the school near the trash cans where Macross World's long haired rabble congregate between classes to smoke, throw their switchblades into the ground and practice their bad beatnik poetry. But in all seriousness EXO is correct. AP has several private areas that allow for looser rules. Especially that VIP area... for some reason I remember the whole "One Night in Bangcock" Murray Head riff whenever I wander into there.
  19. To address the concerns of those interested in the thread, it was determined by the staff that this thread would remain closed for a little while as a sort of "cooling off period". We wish the thread to remain open, but at the same time we have been presented with an unusual set of circumstances that the staff must address. First, let me start out by saying that MW values the contributions of fan artists to our wonderful site and many members, both normal and staff alike, enjoy the fan art we see here. However in order for this site to be "accessible" to all Macross fans of all genders, ages and creeds we must enforce a "PG-13" rating across the board on all content visible and accessible from this site. Simply because an item is not directly "shown" here does not mean it is not still "accessible" to everyone. Placing "warnings" or "cautions" in no way limits the accessibility of that item nor does it shield this site from any potential fallout from those things linked. As such, this site has always maintained a policy of not allowing links, direct or indirect, to materials that do not conform to a "PG-13" rating. I think a good way to know yourself what is "over the line" is if you feel you need to warn people before posting. If you yourself think there is even a small chance someone will be offended then you probably should not be posting it. Another rule of thumb that every American media company abides by is that "all models must be 18 or older", meaning if you are posting a picture of a person or character that is or appears to be under the age of 18 and it is even remotely sexual in nature then you probably shouldn't. Speaking frankly, this whole "Klan Klan" thing in Macross Frontier has put the staff in a very awkward and precarious position. You basically have a dramatically over the top buxom sex symbol who turns into a prepubescent girl and back again. You have to admit that that opens the floodgates for a potential of "wrong" to come flowing out. With that said, we the staff have to be extra careful about what gets posted here in regard to this topic. The precarious precipice of what is and what isn't slipping into the realm of what could be considered by some to be child pornography and inappropriate materials is pretty darn sharp. Which means we the staff and you the members have to err on the side of discretion with this issue. You have to think of our position, we have to enforce the PG-13 while at the same time allowing artists to express themselves... which means there may be things we feel are way out of bounds that you may not. But you are going to have to trust us, we are not trying to narc your buzz, we are trying to keep this site off of the FBI's check sheets and parent group hate lists. So for the time being, think it over. If you think your art is close to the line then ask a mod before posting it. We will give you the benefit of the doubt and let you know so no one gets in trouble and nothing has to "go down". Because let's all face it, we all know when something is going to upset someone else or has the potential to upset someone else. Also this is not meant to be a threat but the staff is unanimous in our feelings that people who violate this delicate agreement will be banned. We see any willful posting of inappropriate materials, either direct or linked, to be in violation of site rules. We are trying to be as lenient as possible giving folks an "out" to confirm materials with us before posting them if in doubt but we have to keep a "lid" on the slippery slope with this. So let's keep it PG13 so everyone can enjoy the art.
  20. Actually... (putting on VB Dork Hat) all the Monarch tells Dr. Girlfriend during that origin story is that he went to the city and claimed a fat inheritance. He doesn't really tell her exactly how he became the super villain "The Monarch", only that he lived with monarch butterflies for a brief period after his parents died which most likely gave him his penchant for the monarch butterfly shtick. I think everyone assumes that as soon as he got to town and claimed his inheritance that he became The Monarch, but the season three premier fills in the time from his teen years until he became the Monarch. One area that it might have been retconned (but once again was never clearly stated) was having Malcolm (The Monarch before he was The Monarch) responsible for the blast that took off Underbieht's jaw. Which creates kind of a bizarre set up in that The Monarch and Underbieht have a sort of friendly détente between each other and it would make for some real hilarity to discover that the bane of Underbieht's world (Dr. Venture) is really innocent and his new good buddy is the real villain.
  21. Next Sunday is "The Doctor is Sin", which had an unfinished part aired during Adult Swim's April Fools night. The return of my avatar namesake and my second favorite Venture character: Killinger... Doctor Henry Killinger.
  22. A guy I know has one on his registered DIAS AR and it does make a difference when firing full auto. Drops the cyclic rate about 100RPM. I could not really tell a difference between it and my commando with a normal buffer on single shot though, outside of a slight reduction in the SPROOOOING noise. You'll have to let us know how it performs.
  23. Any particular reason you went with the hydraulic buffer? I've personally never seen a real benefit to having one except for rate of fire reduction on automatic rifles.
  24. I don't recall anyone mentioning him by name, outside of The Monarch using that name as an alias in the episode "Fallen Arches" to intimidate his hooker (complete with painted on back tattoo). So to a degree this is the first instance of The Monarch passing himself off as the Manotaur. Phantom Limb's Guild party was kind of a who's who though. Several unnamed Guild members who have appeared in past episodes make cameos at the party. And am I the only one wondering how a member of the Guild's "Council of 13" was the guy on the Guild videotape delivered to Dr. Orpheus shown as an example of "improper behavior" (the foppish dandy who disrobes and kisses the tied up superhero)?
  25. The song playing was from Gustav Holst's "The Planets Suite" and was "Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity"... which is another "book end" to season two's "Mars: The Bringer of War" played during the "henchman suit up" scene in Hate Floats.
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