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  1. This came in yesterday. Dark Source Dual Blade Swordsman... Like mechs that can fit a pilot.
  2. You are going to love it. It's a very solid piece. Just looking at it takes me back to the 70's. Working VTOL vents, vehicle bays, and hidden missile stations as well as landing gear. The craftsmanship screams pricey toy.
  3. I know...Didin't they make that crappy VF-2SS that was disgustingly over priced?
  4. It's good to go to work knowing you have something waiting for you in the office
  5. Super Parts for Messer's Valk finally came in. Thanks again member Borgified for the Mandrake info.
  6. Ok so I saw that Robotech had a Ben Dixon 1/100 Valk. Crappy but hey I never had a Ben Valk and Vermilion Squadron looked incomplete without him. But of course Robotech had to mess up. They had everyone's flight number sticker except Bens. Oh well at least they give you little pilots now. For some reason I've been having a Transformer itch. Want to get Elita One so I can finish off the female Autobots. Gonna have to sell some soon. I'm feeling like a hoarder. LoL....
  7. My YF-31 Siegfried ,VF-0, and small part of my YF- 29 Alto both yellowed on me. So I bought some Cream Peroxide Developer. Applied it to both Valks. Placed them in an air tight container and let them both sit under a hot lamp over night. After 2 applications they were both white again. Word to the wise. Don't use a hot light bulb in your display case, it will yellow your Valks.
  8. Whats good about this is that maybe those exclusive hard to get Valks wont be so hard to get anymore. Tell you one thing if they make a Booty Bandai Kairos VF-31 Valk , I will be all over that Booty S.O.B. Just saying.
  9. Since the VF-31F was on sale and I didn't have one and I love the Macross II Valks this was a no brainer. Now will I pay over $200 for fast packs? Never.
  10. Yeah saw this come in my email. Now I just bought my first Mac Delta Valk.
  11. Too rich for my blood at $223.16. Especially since I already have the Arcadia YF-19 and Isamu YF-29. I'll just wait for a price drop. Here's a link if interested. http://www.nippon-yasan.com/product.php?id_product=10446
  12. A different design Valk. YaY!!!!!!! Guess its time to come out of Valk retirement
  13. davidwhangchoi is a Straight Shooter. He got my VF-27 bird to me safe and sound.
  14. I can wait for fresh shipments on this one. I'm sure there will be a surplus just like the Ozma VF-25S right now. Once pre-order madness is done.
  15. Open all. But I keep the boxes in cause if I get bored I'll change it up the collection after a few months.
  16. This thing is begging for fast packs on the legs. Battriod looks very anorexic.
  17. The YF-30 was much more forgiving than the VF-25S in terms of access.
  18. If I can score another CF cheap. I will get it. I'll probably just remove the triangles when I transform it. The only reason one I my triangles broke is beacause I was in a hurry to transform it. BUt up until then their was not problems.
  19. Looks smaller and sleeker than the YF-29 for some reason. Just want to take it out and fly it around the office. But than people will think I went nuts.
  20. Got mine and it looks sweeeeet!!!!!. Can't wait to transform this sucker.
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