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  1. Yes, they really should do Shin, Kravshera and Guld.
  2. No early bird for Max's? Although I am running out cash for buying this... , after buying the Tomahawk and per-order Defender. However I won't be surprise if the 'Green' version come out sometime next year, after seeing all different versions/colour of Tomahawk being/planning made recently.
  3. Very cool low viz custom. I also like the Regult u have here, is it a old model kit?
  4. I have been a Macross fan since I was kid. Just not really collect macross toy until about a year ago... already have a few 1/60 toys from Yamato. I am really spend far too much on them!!! And it is a great/bad time to be a macross fan, so many toys are coming out in recent months. Hope CM will make Macross Frontier Character figures one day, cause they do make good quality figures! - better than bandai's I think.
  5. Same here, I just want the Hikaru figure! BTY it is my first post. Hi, everyone.
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