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  1. Geez, sounds some of you just heard about WB's attempt at a live-action RT movie....

    I see them going with Miller & Gough for a few reasons. Kasdan hasn't really done much work since 2003. Maguire worked with the 2 on Spiderman 2 and that turned out well so why not. WB has plenty of experience with the two due to Smallville. Whether or not this works out is up in the air. WB may be trying to get as many ideas out there and picking the best of the bunch.

    Well, I heard they are making 'Macorss' live action movie a while back... didn't know they are in fact doing ROBOTECH!!!???

    Anyway, writers from Smallville, I guess Kristin Kreuk could be Minmay then!!! B))


  2. I choose the original, as it just has the best overall story, characters and what not. Though I include DYRL in that as well, which, while not as thorough in storytelling as SDF, giving it the lead, is still a great retelling with some of the most impressive cel animation out there.

    Same here, nothing can beat the original SDF TV series... :)

    then DYRL.

    I also like Zero and Frontier very much, Plus 'movie vesion' is good...

    Macross7 is just not my cup of tea, still like some songs and the valks though. :lol:

  3. Can anyone confirm if Yamato is planning on doing anything else with the license?

    Also, not counting the VF-0S with Ghost set, did the re-release of the standalone VF-0S have the improvements like the locking feet and the improved shoulders? I see HLJ is still carrying the set, but they are backordered on the standalone one, which is the one I want, but I want one with the improvements, which is why I'm asking. Anyone get a chance to pick up the re-release and can vouch for the improvements?

    Who knows. A lot of people are waiting for the 'reactive armored'.


  4. I just cant wait for this one! It looks so great! Especially in Battroid mode. I hope preorder opens soon. I cant miss out on this one.

    I have the old ver 1/60 1D.

    Yes, I think the new version 1D looks great, especially in the Battroid mode :mellow: ... however I am yet to own any ver.2 1/60 VF toy.

    I am still waiting them to 'fix' the VF1S shoulder crack problem. I am hoping Yamato will ship better QA product while they release the 1D. :unsure:

  5. So Quarter DX can tramsform, and it will have Bobby sound effect screaming "Macross Attack" with the main gun blinking.....I guess I'm hoping too much.

    Haahaa I am not sure i want to hear the sreaming from Booby while I am playing with this toy! :lol:

    However, that would be cool if Bandai can made the gunpod open and light up! B))



  6. It's CONFIRMED guys. Chogoukin Macross Quarter coming our way. Proof is in the poster photo I attached below (found it on the 2-chan board). It was supposedly announced at the Budoukan Macross Frontier Live concert.

    What's said on the poster: DX Chogoukin Macross Quarter development confirmed! Will be perfect transformation between carrier mode and attack mode. Will also be able to have it in mid-transformation mode. 20cm+ height. Big scale (as in big sized). Reasons as to why in this size will be forthcoming in the future.

    My comment - 20cm height? Not "big scale" if that's the height in attack mode. However, if that's the height in carrier mode from bottom of the hull to top of the island, then this thing is gonna be HUGE (like maybe 1 meter across?)

    Thanks for the news.

    20cm+ height... It seems like it is about the same height as 1/4000 Wave SDF1.

  7. a bit of news, from Yamato's latest newsletter...




    Google translate:

    Q: 1 / 60 of the VF-1D, VF-11B will be released around the ashes?

    A: we do not have yet the exact time, VF-1D in February next year, VF-11B is scheduled for next spring.

    I guess we should see a prototype anytime soon...

    Great news. Looking forward the 1/60 VF11B very much. I really hope Yamato will make a white colour version too, I always think VF-11B looks better in white than 'grey'.

    Next spring in Japan means - between March and May.

    GIve me a few months to save up for that! B))

  8. CM won't be doing any Frontier figures for at least several years, Bandai needs to loose interest in that type of product first.

    However there are plenty of subjects for them to exploit.

    How about a line of cockpits like they did with the VF-1?

    There are several figures that really haven't been done, like Kakizaki, Shin, Edgar, Aries, Nora, Guld, Hibiki, etc...

    Yes, they really should do Shin, Kravshera and Guld.

  9. haha, so trueeeee....

    I have been a Macross fan since I was kid. B)) Just not really collect macross toy until about a year ago... already have a few 1/60 toys from Yamato.

    I am really spend far too much on them!!! :p

    And it is a great/bad time to be a macross fan, so many toys are coming out in recent months. :mellow:

    Hope CM will make Macross Frontier Character figures one day, cause they do make good quality figures! B)) - better than bandai's I think.

  10. AWESOME!!!!

    I need that Hikaru Filightsuit Figure!


    So it is up for preorder on HLJ. But I dont want to pay $69 + shipping just for the one figure that I want, the hikaru flightsuit. I hope that there are enough of these going around that I can just buy that one figure from someone either on the forums or on ebay for not too much $$. I have wanted that figure for a while now.

    Same here, I just want the Hikaru figure!

    BTY it is my first post. Hi, everyone. :lol:

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